3/15 SVGL tournment results


  1. John Choi
  2. Jason Nelson
  3. Campbell Tran


  1. John Choi
  2. Michael Fauson
  3. Joe Lee


  1. Saif Ebrahim
  2. Ben Cureton
  3. Eric Choi

PS. I don’t know the result for ST/KOF2K2/MvC2. Whoever has the bracket please post them up.


1st Mikey “Cheap ass Sentinel” Rasphone

2nd Anthony “My hero” Leon

3rd Saif “Sol is a beast” something

4th Randy “Rushdown” Lew

Anthony gets in the marvel matrix and fucks everyone up, mikey was lucky, he was scared I saw him shaking. Bronson got last.

results of kof2k turney was:

  1. some random fob guy with skills
  2. some random guy with less skills
  3. some random guy with even less skills

btw, nice of the socal guys to show up here for ggxx… ID’s sol has reinforced my belief that sol jump dust = SUPER GAY. hehe.

Who beat Jose’s Slayer, and with who? What was the match set between Ben and Saif?

i think i got 5th…i was put into loser’s bracket by Ed (anji player) and then i had to play ID in the loser’s bracket. good game everyone. PEace!

edit: ben = eddie and saif = sol. saif came from losers so he had to beat ben in two sets. the matches were pretty close but i think there was a problem with the 1st player side.

ben lost!damn i would of put a hundred bucks saying hes was gonna take it,his eddie is just too nutz.Now i dont feel as bad when you kick my faust ass like 30 wins in a row,good job though!

Good luck Buktooth and Choi…Represent for all of us who cant go!


how did dr. b do in this tourney

I didnt watch, cause, well, its cvs2, heh, but from what i remember seeing in the brackets, he lost his 1st match, won one in losers, then lost.
Dont quote me on that though…

Btw, wow, i cant beleive i got 3rd in marvel…
thx to ohayo for lettin me win. your money’s in the mail =D

fob owns !!

I’m that fob with skillz hahahaha

how come there were only 6 kof playerz? man…

anyway fob owns hahahaha

KennyWood: I had an ok…tourney…I didnt fight to my full potential and my mind wasnt there due to some other shit…But madd props to those who won and against me…but dont let that shell of me fool you…I shall return…


Who got 5th for MvC2? I know I got 5th but I forgot who else tied for 5th. =(

And Anthony is a beast! :smiley:

i lost to the exact same guy who eliminated me the last time i came to SVGL! :mad:

Who was it?

it was YOU and ur damn necro! :bluu:

shogo’s damn necro…I want my revenge too.

let’s jump him the next time he comes to SVGL! :evil:

Haha good job Shogo. :lol:

little shogo…