3/15 UCR Pentland Hills (MvC2/CvS2/3s/GGXX) - RESULTS -

Guilty Gear XX (10 entrants)

  1. Jesse Avilar “Guanaco” - Sol Badguy
  2. Hang Zhao “KHangQuer” - Sol Badguy
  3. Vulkrum - Potemkin

Winners Finals - Guanaco over Hang 3-1
Losers Finals - Hang over Vulkrum 3-1
Grand Finals - Hang wins first set 4-3, Guanaco wins second 4-3

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - DC Version (8 entrants)

  1. Christian Garrido “mtsac kid” - SA3 Ken
  2. Albert Nguyen - SA1 Akuma
  3. Jay Snyder “Viscant” - SA2 Hugo, SA1 Alex

Winners Finals - Christian over Viscant
Losers Finals - Albert over Viscant
Grand Finals - Christian defeats Albert

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (16 entrants)

  1. Jay Snyder “Viscant” - K-Chang/Iori/Yamazaki(2)
  2. Albert Nguyen - P-Kyo/Sagat(2)/Ryu
  3. Jesse Gan “UCRollerblader” - C-Cammy/Sagat/Blanka, P-Cammy/Rock/Sagat

Winners Finals - Viscant over Albert
Losers Finals - Albert over Jesse
Grand Finals - Albert forefeits

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (20 entrants)

  1. SooYoung Chon “SooMighty” - MSP, Mags/Cable/Psy, Sentinel/Storm/Cable, Mag/Cable/Cyke
  2. Jay Snyder “Viscant” - Cyclops/Storm/Commando, Cable/Storm/Cyclops, BH/Storm/Cyclops, Mags/Storm/Cyclops, Doom/Storm/Sentinel
  3. Jose Lafaurie “Joe Zaza” - Wolverine/Sentinel/Bonerine, Wolverine/Gambit/Bonerine, Hayato/Gambit/Juggernaut, Mags/Doom/Strider

Winners Finals - Viscant over Zaza 3-0
Losers Finals - Soo over Zaza 3-2
Grand Finals - Soo wins both sets, 4-3, 4-2.

Highlights and complete results later.

gg’s to everyone
sticks sucked

I hate magneto, down with magneto!!! diediediediediediediediediediediediediediediediediedie

good job to everyone tho :slight_smile:

great tourney dasrik. nice seeing rico and everyone else again


Complete results and highlights.

Thanks everyone for coming. :slight_smile:

coughs :frowning:

Props to Jesse on his victory. I dunno how tournies usually go, but that day was pretty fun. It was good seeing the camelot homies come over and compete. GG’s to vulkrum in ggxx. I took some hard losses, but props to ur potemkin. I still got much to learn with Chipp. Can’t wait for the next tourney.

It was pretty ironic that viscant and soo had a conflict before the tourney, and both made it to the finals to face eachother. The fianls were some great matches, on the part of both players, and it’s always good to see good sportsmanship when its all said and done.

Wolverine rushes magneto?! Mr. Zaza!!! very nice…

GG’s to everyone I played. Ummm…ok I’ve said enough.

edit: For the GGXX results, Bryan used Faust (against me anyways), and who was the 10th guy in GGXX?

random Faust shit ownz

give it about 2 weeks, before i put the matches up online. anyone who dont want their matches up jus lemme know.

If i read the report correctly, soo got by zaza in the last game? amazing how one game can make a difference. soo/jay/zaza vs jay/zaza/soo… damn that woulda been hell on the forums.

love the commentary on the matches…well hosted tourney rick!

When’s the next one!?!?

thanks rick for hosting the tourney and to everyone who went for creating a dope atmosphere and for the great games. Props to Jesse, Soo, Viscant and Fuson on their tourney wins. Hope to make it out to the next Pentland Tourney.

you weiner… i never use blanka… i used akuma and ken way more then i used blanka or cammy in that tourney…

Rick, let’s play tonight

Yeah, I showed up late… :confused:

I personally think my wins against both Soo and Taiji were a result of “magnophobia.” Both have the scariest Magnetos I’ve ever played… and I’m not exaggerating at all. :eek: If either of them learned to relax instead of tense up during tournaments, I’m sure their Magnetos would always contend for first place. It’s no random shit, either… both have a proficiency with the character that I envy. Very nice and controlled. I actually think they learned to use Magneto better than I use Wolverine… but that’s just my opinion.

sigh … yep… I got lucky cuz of “magnophobia.”

Case in point! The other day I played Ace at the Cal Poly gameroom… his “home turf” where he’s completely relaxed and cool… muhfugga was damn near unbeatable. :rolleyes: Argh! Why can’t you guys do that shit in tournaments??? :mad:

Also… how many streaks does Soo get at CGL?? Riiiight… So like I’m telling you… can’t beat these niggas in casual. :wink:

Yeah… the tournament ended up great. It was great to see new and old faces again. I think I talked with just about everybody…

Anyways, special thanks to Jose (got better!!), Julius (you’ll get em next time, brutha), Martin (I hate fighting you), Chris (one pixel, you bastard!), George, Soo (I WANTED TO WIN!!!), Peter (Piper Potter), David (yeah, my Juggernaut sucked…), and Jay for the making the long ass trips. Also Ace (LUCK-be the lady), Brian, Croe (Sorry I don’t know yer real name!), Hang (you lost in Marvel because it was right after you lost in GGXX), Josh (got my matches… YESSSS) and Mike (fer driving this time! :smiley: )… and anyone in NSJ I might’ve forgotten… Yeah… also to Jesse (congrats) and Kenny who also came a long way. You all played great. Hope you come back next time…

Peace OUT

Wish I could have been there.:frowning: :bluu: Then again I’m just a scrub with no skillz.:bluu: :frowning:

Dude, you are my hero. Keep using that team. I guarantee the wins will come later. =)

later my ass, jose always wins with shit like that…