3/16/13 - Breezy Excursion 3rd Strike Tournament. San Jose, CA - Bay Area 3S come through!

I will be running a 3S tournament next Saturday (March 16th) in San Jose. Please come through and show your support.

The tournament will be ran on XBOX360 and is being sponsored by Breezy Excursion Clothing. They will be raffling off some pretty dope prizes throughout the day and you get free raffle tickets when you register/enter a game. There will also be the SF4/Marvel/DOA5/SFxT.

Bay Area 3S. You guys need to come to this and support. It will be fun. Check the link below for details to the event. PM if you guys have any questions.

Good luck bro. Hopefully you’re running this on CRTs!


Question though are you running this on CRT? Because if you need one/want to I would be happy to bring one.

hmm. well i was planning on bringing my television which isn’t a crt but gets the job done really well. no lag at all (at least from what i can tell)

but if you’d like to bring your crt then feel free. actually check your pm. we should talk!