3/17/04 Powerstation Long Beach Bi-Weekly CvS2 Results


Well, it was quite an exciting tournament. A lot of memorable matches, upsets, combos, and more. Thanks to everyone who came out.

As far as competition goes, Drizzt won his first Powerstation bi-weekly over Combofiend in a close final. Drizzt first sent Combofiend into the losers bracket, winning a close match-up that had most onlookers stunned. After winning against Kennywood, Combofiend steamrolled his was back into the final match up, beating Drizzt, and leading up to the second and final match. After getting Drizzt down to his last character, Combo lost his touch and ended up getting pummeled by an A-Kim to bring Drizzt to victory.

Here are the full results, the characters/grooves used, attached is the Jpg of the brackets

Place Player
1st Drizzt01 (A: Yun, Athena, 2-Kim)
2nd Combofiend (A: Bison, Rock, 2-Eagle)
3rd Kennywood(K: Hibiki, Cammy, 2-Blanka)
4th Master Yen(K: Blanka, Honda, 2-Bison)
T-5th Pimp Willy(K: Cammy, Blanka, 2-Sagat)
T-5th xx_Deus_xx(K: Yamazaki, Geeze, 2-Bison)
T-7th Grimace(N: Iori, Rugal, 2-Balrog)
T-7th Jae(K: Blanka, Morrigan, 2-Sagat)
T-9th DeeBone (N: Ryu, Terry, 2-Honda)
T-9th Rat (N: Terry, Ryu, 2-Ken)
T-9th Juve(N: Zangief, Vega, 2-Sagat)
T-9th Titi(K: Ken, Sagat, 2-Zangief)
T-13th Mr Great(P: Geese, Hibiki, 2-Iori)
T-13th God Rifle(C: Rock, Iori, 2-King)
T-13th Puyo (P: Kyo, Hibiki, 2-Honda)
T-13th J-Dawg (C: Guile, Ken, 2-Bison)