3/18 3S Results @ The Break! Willowbrook vs 8OTB?

Well not really, but there was a lot of Willowbrook people thanks so much for showing up was really nice of you guys, 13 people total means more 3S tourneys in the future. Thanks to Steve for bringing most of them. I don’t know the SA names so I’ll try to describe if I don’t know what they used

  1. Noel (WB) - Yun SA1
  2. Jamal (8OTB) - Ken super where he goes straight up in the air
  3. Henry (WB) - Ibuki knife throwing in the air super
  4. Josh “Mr. Quotes” (WB) - Makoto different SA’s
    5a. Robert Sigley (8OTB) - Sean SA1, Ryu SA1
    5b. Ryo “straight from court across the street to his match” Cho (8OTB) - Ken SA3
  5. Steve Hanna (WB) - whatever was on the machine
  6. Rand (WB) - Akuma air fireball super one
  7. Stephan (8OTB) - Makoto SA1
  8. Chris (WB) - Hugo 720 super, urien reflector super
  9. Blacksyde Phil (8OTB) - Makoto SA1
  10. Phi (8OTB) - Yun SA3
  11. Trent (Rutgers baby!!) - ???

Jamal had a tough road to 2nd, put in the losers first round by Noel and had a bunch of close matches in the losers, congrats man.

Funny thing about MVC1, out of all the people who claim it’s their game - the person who had the most wins tonight on it was Kei who never said anything about his skill and he was using Gief/Jin go figure haha.

Next week MVC2 and mini MVC1 tourney
And good job to all the top placers, peace :smiley:

Man, you just don’t know about Kei & mvc1. He’s so old school. Makes Jin almost look like a good character. But then Ed came in and took over; feels like five years ago haha. It’s all rust, but that was still the most fun I’ve had at a weekly in a long time. I forgot how fun the game could be below high level.