[3/19/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #5 @ 7pm


Hey all,

Concerning 3v3:
Although I wanted to have our first ever 3v3, until I know FOR SURE that we’d have enough people entering, the idea will have to remain dormant for the time being.

Tournament Dates:
The weekly started on a Saturday; and then we had it on 2 Fridays in a roll, then another Saturday - but I think we may have to stick to Friday on this one; there seems to be more of a crowd on Fridays and you know what they say, the more the merrier!

Be punctual; I know I let things slide, but I will have to stick to the rule this time. If I do not physically see you at the arcade, take down your name and have collected the entrance fee by 6:45pm YOU WILL NOT BE IN the tournament, period. I don’t have all night to wait and some people have complained about the tournament starting late/ending late and I agree.

I know some people are fast thread readers so let me do a quick summary:

The tournament is 2v2 on a FRIDAY night 7pm
Not signed up + paid + physically present by 6:45pm -> not in the tournament

Street Fighter IV 2v2 @ 7pm

Chinatown Faris - 8 Mott Street, New York, NY

Entry fee is $20 per team (for more payouts)
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
You are responsible for paying per play since it is the Arcade
Payout will be winner takes all if 10 or less teams enter, 70/20/10 if more than 10 teams enter, less than 5 teams = no tounament

This is a great way to test your skills against some of the best players in NYC

Let me know who’s down so I can make a pre-registration list - please provide your name/handle with what characters you and your teammate are using, so that after the bracket is set, we can try to keep you on so that you’d save a buck or two.

Yours truly,


Im down, 2 ppl need a partner?


Stop saying chinatown faris! Me and you andy.


I’m there. Teaming up with tonedef.


I was really hoping you’d do the 3v3 but I’ll be there! Also, just wondering if you can please post the tournament results for last weeks 2v2. Thanks!


I’m IN there for sure.


Sweet can’t wait for hype friday night 2v2! Unfortunately my fuerte friend has work tomorrow night so I am partnerless for now. If anyone wants a jabby Mc jab jab rog on their team hit me ups.


Damn, Rhys. We need to get revenge from our losses to Sagat =(


Good shit I thought this was the same day as battlefield but it isn’t so I’m in. Ill ask frankie if he wants to team up.


i am prob there unless i have other more pressing plans hahaha


Yo andy if frankie doesn’t call you me and damdai?


god on friday again? :[
i work so i wont make it
and yea
im still stuck on the 3 on 3 :[

(mayb i’ll take the day off o:)


Least this time there’s good weather.


Me and PR Rog will be teaming up for this!!! Hope everyone misses me


can this start at 730?? PLEASE!? im coming from LI so with the bus and train it takes a lil more than an hour to get there… not sure if i can make the 645 deadline to sign up


<.< …because everyone misses fighting for second place…lol jk


Andy, in concerns to this matter I wanted to know if there was anyway that you could make this a 3v3 even though this is at the last moment. After a series of talks with a number of people a lot of people like the idea of a 3v3 and I request that you make your tournament a 3v3.

There are a few female fighting game players that would like to compete in your tournament providing its a 3v3 so that they can team up and develop some tournament experience. Consider it like a way for them to get practice in a live tournament setting without having to be pummeled into going 0-2 with no real chance to actually play and learn.

Just on the strength that these girls have come from Texas, Chicago and LA and are here on the East Coast its our obligation to at least accommodate them. I say this because if you do not then I don’t want to fulfill that obligation and then it appears that I’m trying to snub you in any sense so before the nonsense starts, I’m stepping to the side to give you the opportunity to obligate the states guest. Please do not look at this in any negative light. I am simply speaking on their behalf because they wanted to play in your tournament.

You don’t have to do this! As I said I “request” that you turn the tournament into a 3v3. If this is out of your hand because of this last minute request, I completely understand and I can help you in this matter by changing “BattleField Arcadia Special” from Double Impact (2v2) to Third Strike (3v3) and this would only apply for SF4 not the other games. Please let me know so that I can make arrangements.



I want to go but I get out of class at 7 PM and won’t be able to get there until 8:30 ish. That sucks =/


Is anyone still looking for a teammate?


Just get there as fast as you can. Chances are you’ll make it in time. Also you can ask Andy to put your team last, giving you enough time to get there. Try it out.