[3/19/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #5 Results

Hey all,

Quick results:

  1. Aquasilk (Zangief) Manny (El Fuerte)
  2. Damdai (Ryu) Auto-Demon (Gouki)
  3. Wayne (Blanka) Jake (Ryu)
  4. Rhys (Boxer) Bizzib (Ryu)
  5. Jin (Rufus) “StarSlayer” Ciji (E. Honda)
  6. Spidy (Boxer) Peter (Abel)
  7. Tony (Boxer) Poe (Gouki)
  8. Omar (Ken) OJ (El Fuerte)
  9. Mike (Ryu) John (Dictator)
  10. Holdat (Rufus)
  11. AJ (Gouki) Roberto (Ryu)

I have to go learn some music before tomorrow morning, so I’ll have to come back later to add some highlights.

Good job StarSlay3r! Too bad the tournament didn’t turn out to be the 3v3 that you wanted. I decided to change the BattleField tournament later today into a 3v3 so you and other female gamers get to team up with stronger teams allowing you to play more and get more tournament experience. I look forward to seeing everyone at BattleField Arcadia tomorrow.

Hold Dat using Rufus???


Didn’t realize that was Hold dat playing alone. Good shit.

Wish I coulda came to this Tourney. God damn 7 hour shifts at work.

Fun tourny guys. pretty well handled with all the people there. props to autodemon and damdai. :slight_smile:

Bizzi raped losers without any of my help lol until we got to Damdai =[. ggs to all.

i resent that comment, being that i lost to him in losers hahah

lol naw I played horribly it was pretty much Bizzi by himself. That and my epic ultra whiff =[

wow, and i happened to have my camera with me, unused…

Haha, it’s all good man. I wish I saw your match against Damdai, I was playing a casual with Auto-Demon at the time.

Anyways it was fun. I managed to go on a nice 15 game win streak after the tourney was over. Figures! I’ll definitely try to make it to the next one, as well.

I’m still going to show up fashionably late to the next one… just to let you know.:smokin:

Thank you TriForce! Wish you were there to see my epic match with OJ and Omar. I still can’t believe I took both of them out and no one got that on video… my heart was going a million miles an hour during those matches. Thanks so much to everyone who was behind me cheering me on and to everyone who played… good games to all! I have a lot of fun playing with the East Coast players and look forward to playing with you all more often when I make the move over here permanently!

Had a blast at this event. It was my first tournament since like October, and I wanted to do a little better, but I definitely had more jitters than usual, and I was pretty proud of dizzying you, Aqua, and pushing you in that third round :wink: Great to see you again, btw, and congrats on your team’s win.

Tony, it was a lot of fun being your partner. We can definitely do better next time if you want to team up again, which I would be up for.

Andy (and Damdai?), thanks for putting this on, and it was good to see you, Andy. Are you planning to stick with Akuma in SSF4? I sure as hell am.

My only suggestion about the tournament would be to keep the winners and losers finals as one set. I realize that there weren’t a lot of teams and so there was no rush, but it seems a little excessive to me to spend so long on those finals. I dunno. Maybe not. I’m probably just jealous because we only got to play for like five minutes total (had a bye in the first round of losers which was unfortunate but that’s the way the numbers go sometimes) and my feet hurt too much to keep watching :confused:

Anyway, lots of fun, great to see everyone, and I’ll probably be at the next one