3/20/10 - JERSEY SHOREYUKEN - Absecon, NJ


Presented by Console Warzone & Nerd Palace

Results Courtesy of Tonamento

SF4 3v3 (8 Teams)

1 2 Train Connection (Evil Rahsaan, Mike Infinite, SmoothViper) NY
2 Tea Boss Legends (Kattermari, DMG Skye, Dr. Chaos) - Philly
3 Team Random (Liston, Vinco, NAGOO) - NY/Philly
4 Kazi is an A-hole (JD, Dave D., Chemist for hire)
5 Team MexiAsians (Ninja Zephyr, Philly-One, Pete68) - Philly
5 We took your sisters V (Frantastic, Dizzy, Dynicksty)
7 Team 2many Panties in our Pocket (Wetbucket, Demon Eyes, Tagger)
7 Team Snooki (Meyhem, JetSetZombie, WorstPlayerEver)

SF4 1v1 (36 Entrants) - (I put the characters that I remember, please correct or add your own if you like )

1 Dr. Chaos (Sagat, Akuma, Ken)
2 Evil Rahsaan (EMP) (Honda, Geif)
3 Mike Infinite (Balrog, Seth, Viper)
4 Liston (Sagat)
5 Kattermari (Rufus)
5 Francisco “Frantastic” Martinez (FYC) (Sagat)
7 Philly-One (Cammy, Geif)
7 Dynicksty NJ (Balrog)
9 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP) (Sagat, Geif)
9 Absolute Meyhem (Balrog)
9 Pete68
9 RavenTrinity (Chun li)
13 Ninja Zephyr (Akuma, Ryu)
13 Slob Murph (Balrog, Ryu)
13 Darkknight (Gouken)
13 Vinco (Balrog)
17 Hacker Mike (Blanka)
17 Dave D. (Rose)
17 Dizzy (Chun Li)
17 JD (Guile)
17 Chemist for hire (Bison)
17 NBG Wetbucket (Rufus)
17 Tagger (Honda)
17 Frobot (Balrog)
25 Patrick “NAGOO” Nguyen (Ryu)
25 NBG Demoneyes (Viper)
25 Juan “psychoflex”
25 MonoTeketet
25 QwertyLegend (Ryu)
25 JediJedahPirate
25 Kacom
25 jon suarez
33 Pryal
33 L
33 XPNet (luke)
33 Jamiel


I would like to start out by thanking everyone who made yet another Console Warzone event possible. Kevin (Slob Murph), Bret, Justin thank you all for building the Nerd Palace and making it a great place in South Jersey to have events. Thanks for letting me use your space for the day and thanks to Bret for streaming all day using that slick Black Magic HD Capture card.

Of course, events can’t happen without players and I’m glad to see we had a mixture of PA, NJ & NY. Thanks to everyone who made the drive. I know it’s a bit out of the way but I hope we made up for it with the BBQ, low venue fee & casual setups as well as an organized tourney.

This was a great event for Console Warzone to wave goodbye to Street Fighter 4. The next event we hold will be for Super Street Fighter 4! Also, the Nerd Palace crew will be opening a gaming center in South Jersey in May so this is not the last Console Warzone event you will see in South Jersey. I will now be in North Jersey AND South Jersey. Stay tuned for more information on these events.

A couple random things.

First, big shout out to SRK member Mr.Bubbles. He made me a slick poster for Jersey Shoreyuken but unfortunately we received it too late and could not use it. He makes other art including stick templates so hit him up if you need anything.

Second, I would like to say my piece on Tonamento.

WHY IS EVERYONE SO SCARED TO USE THIS? This is a really great program for tournament organizers. If everyone was using this it would make it that much better but unfortunately I see a lot of people still using other programs. I don’t know if it’s the inability to add late players or something else but they are just not using it. The live bracket is great for the people in the stream who can’t make it to the events or for people who want fast results or a bracket to see who they played. And if people are really worried about the seeded you don’t have to auto-generate the seeds, you can set them how you like. That is all.

Finally, I would just like everyone to know that Console Warzone is here to stay and you can expect great things when Super launches. Thank you all for contributing and you can always subscribe to my YouTube and also check out ConsoleWarzone.com which I have just started to work on.

I will see you next time in Jeeeeeerrrrrssseeeyyyy! FIST PUMP

  • Deluxe


shoto train keeps chuggin


yeaaaah top 8!

Shout outs to Deluxe for running the tournament, Slob Murph and wadofdung for hosting, Dizzy and Fran for letting me be on their team, Mey for driving, Mass for uhhhh idk!, All the Tea Bosses!, and all the NJ players that showed up and supported this tournament.

It was a really great venue and the barbecue was gooooood.

Can’t wait to the next time I go to Nerd Palace


You gonna post vids this time?


I’ll post up some, hard to do them all. The ones from last tourney got messed up so that’s why I didn’t have them.


Vinco here:

Great venue, well run tourney, would be happy to attend again. Well done, guys!


The shoto train cannot be stopped!!

edit: Squad straight from the dojo ready to strip fools!


GS philly.


I missed the burgers and dawgs? man i should get to jersey next time. Big shoutout to chaos and the legends for reppin phlly hard. And Fran for banning from the chatroom. that was cute.


Philly bringing it hard! That’s what I like to see!!


i woulda came deluxe but i had a vball tri-match on Saturday ;/


GS doc and Zack… Holdin that shit down for the 215! K00m give it LOOP… LOOP!!


For the record, Kazi is actually a really nice guy


Team random is 2/3 philly btw


I fixed it.


Well-run tourney, great venue, GG’s, etc…


Yo, mad props on the venue, Nerd Palace is just that and a great place of nothing but action in every corner. Great work on the build, I donno who I was chatting to about the cabs and what not during the finals, but good shit. I enjoy talking tech greatly with people who like to.

Deluxe, good stuff. Keep up the great work and spreading the word of fighters to Jersey, your tournaments are great promotion to the scene with all the different venues you touch.

Looking forward to the next one.



Listen I know there was alot of beef after what happened in chinatown, but I’ll say it again like I said before…wheather Jersey hates me or Philly for that matter…


The nerd palace was GDLK, was like being in a 1998 arcade again. Hope to attend more Console warzone and Nerd Palace events. :karate:

Great competition in SF4, its good seeing all the familiar/new faces. Close Grand Finals matches in Teams and singles. GS to everyone especially Larry for almost taking me out and Smooth eliminating us from teams :sad:

See everyone @ the Break when Super is released. :party:


GGs to everyone and thanks for hosting a great tourney

we in dere for the next tournament!

P.S. I think I left my tripod on the deck of sf4 cab

If you found one could you hold that for me plz?