3/20/2004 NY Tourney (Return of the Dragon)

3/20 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron Results
This was a very good turn out considering the train problems…

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Rowtron & Santhrax
  2. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” Rowtron & MSP
  3. Michael Williams “Infinite” Rowtron, MSP, & Santhrax
  4. Mike Pungsujarit “Pungza” Santhrax
  5. Harry Roman “trunkss3” Rowtron
  6. Jason “DaDragon” Rowtron , Santhrax
  7. Ray Velez “DarkBuu” Magneto/Storm/Dr.Doom
  8. Danny Roman “SiNCaBle” Cable/Cyc/Capcom
  9. Ricardo Chorrillos “Desperado” Cable/Sent/Capcom
  10. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” MSP, Team Scrub

-Lincoln Perfected Michael in 1 match…
-Lincoln Beasting on everyone…Random ownz all
-Michael beating Brett in the 3 Charlies match…
-Michael making $5 in the pre-tourney…
-Me beating Michael in a MSP money match twice…
-Michael beating Jason in a money match…
-Harry beasting on the D-pad…
-Harry getting his revenge on Brett…
-Jason beating Lincoln’s MSP

Good shit lincoln. You the man :smiley:

Everyone: Make sure u go see “Dawn of the Dead”, That movie is really good, I think its better than the original.

competition was off the hook in this tourney…

lincoln got hella better…that perfect on micheal had me rolling lol

i dont think anyone had it easy…everyone had mad skill, pungza beasted on me with his sentinel in the tourney…goddamn that nigga is crazy

lincoln is the counter master lol that bitch countered me every match in the tourney lol its all good tho…i love the comp…wish i had it like this everyweek

i shoulda bet money against lincoln in the msp matches…i woulda won a dollar:(

mike i want a rematch :lol:

good shit everyone…comp was off the hook once again

good shit to everyone:cool:

dam i almost beat michael in the tourney but its all good :smiley:

jason i let u win so u can move happy now that u beat meh:p but its a fucked u have to move tho…

javier why did u beast on meh i did nothing to u in the tourney j/k:lol: good shit tho…

but over all it was a good tourney just wish i woulded got to your house earlyer to play more

and yes Dawn of the Dead is the shit go see it NOW lol

good job every1

We played two sets, first set I won (we decided calling assists was ok)

Second set Michael won (we didn’t use assists).

Good shit all, damn I got beasted on by the Roman brothers :bluu:

the romans brothers:lol:

Fun as always. Except watchin brett play Panzer for soooo long lol got there a lil late so didnt get any casual in so didnt play much matches but GG’s to everyone i did play.

:lol: :lol:

I wish that me & my sis could play you guys someday(I’d have to use Team Scrub to stand a chance because ya’ll are too good):slight_smile:

Harry, you’re beastly(Your Sent is very fast and your Mags is tight, too)! I would love to play you, big bro;)


thx sis:cool: just wish u was here so we can play;)

Thanx peace out dragon

Javier is the truth good shit bro:) .
lincon my nigga fo show.

sanford my nigga for show and why didn’t you show up. i wanted you to observe my beasting

haha u a funny guy…

and javi i also used Team Santrax, Team Scrub, and Team God (Sent, Mags, Capcom) short for team Dragongod.


u know im just messing wit u:p

we off da block this year everybody mad at the rocks that i wear i stay grounded as the amounts roll in i’m real i thought i told ya nothing fony don’t hate on me what you get is what you see.
Dont’ be fooled by the rocks that i got im still im still Dragon from the block.

bitch you don’t want none of me i got my crew down by the sea ready to eat the dirt of the street this is who we be YEAH!!!