3/20 - WMS IV - Cedar Rapids, IA - Results


1 ngamer
2 figgy
3 murphagator
4 hogosha
5 grotsnik
5 sukkafoo


1 ohesotasty (aka jannakazama)
2 mr delicious
3 sukkafoo
4 jimmypikachu
5 omac
5 spam guy
7 xiang
7 kokain
9 mysticbill
9 amit


1 murphagator
2 ken
3 hogosha
4 xiang
5 zeroxerozero
5 kokain
7 mysticbill
7 ngamer
9 mark
9 grotsnik
9 sukkafoo
9 figgy
13 jake

Thanks again to everyone who came out. Keep supporting the scene; we’ll keep getting free shit to give you guys. Now that pretty much everyone has a free shirt, I’ll see if I can get more cash prizes next time. Hopefully, we’ll see the Des Moines crew and check 'em to see if they can actually hang. :smiley:

VGF stuff will be updated in the next day or so. Next monthly will be the 17th of April, the weekend before Easter. I’ll get that posted in the next day or so, as well.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I’m sure I’ll remember it later. :china:

How could I lose, with this bionic arm?

Tourney was so much fun. Great seeing new faces. GGs! I want in on games at Billy’s whenever it happens. Keep in touch.

Wish i could of showed up oh well the money spent on a date was worth it…