3/21/04 - Animation Town Weekly Results are UP


MvC2: (9 participants) “PMD arrives LATE yet AGAIN!”

  1. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  2. Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei” - (forfeit)
  3. Roger Tesheira
  4. Marcus Moonilal "MeLikeToSmash"
    5t. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM” - (forfeit)
    5t. Tony Tipton
    7t. Phong Nguyen "Dreaded Fist"
    7t. OJ Hadnott "FriedAfterBirth"
    x. Chris Hagan

3s: (13 participants) “50 doesn’t have 50 cents!!! WTF?!?”

  1. Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei”
  2. JW McNay “TeamDan”
  3. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  4. DeJuan Stephens "50-fiftytrap"
    5t. Robert Cardenas
    5t. Phong Nguyen "Dreaded Fist"
    7t. OJ Hadnott "FriedAfterBirth"
    7t. Tony Tipton
    x. Will Rapanotti
    x. Roger Tesheira
    x. Cesar Torres
    x. Jose’ Wells
    x. Marcus Moonilal “MeLikeToSmash”


  • THUMBS UP - Shoutout goes to DeJuan on his TX debut, not too shabby, considering I didn’t enter…lol (of course, I’m retired!:p)
    Mang, you gotta’ keep your cool when you play against TX peeps!:wink:
    TX >>>>>>>> NE! Yeah! I said it!:smiley:

  • THUMBS UP - Great Intense 3s action! JW sends Tony H. to losers’ (on the 3rd game). Tony H. comes back with a vengeance, and wins the 1st set 2-1, AND the 2nd set 2-1. DOWN TO THE FINAL ROUND! :cool:

  • THUMBS DOWN to Mastuh Marcus forfeiting in 3s!
    Due to NOT BEING ABLE TO DO A DP?!? WTF?!?:lame:

  • THUMBS UP - Props to Jermaine on convincing Tony H. not to play him in Grand Finals in MvC2.:wink:
    j/k! Too much money spent today! DAMN!

  • THUMBS DOWN to John Irving arriving AFTER MvC2 AGAIN, and bringin’ the mrs. along, AND making her wait…for shame!:o

    Yay! Lots of funny stuff discussed!:lol:

  • THUMBS UP for a good turnout…didn’t expect peeps to show, the week after TS4…heh.

I’m outie!


good job man. :slight_smile:


Fiya! good job 50


You forgot to mention that I won the Rage of the Dragons (or whatever it is called) random game tourney.

Also called, “The asking ‘Hey, how exactly do I play this game?’ while playing the game Tourney”


… i won the Power Stones 2 tournament last week.:slight_smile:


Tuned into the muafucking greatest…

Ya’ll don’t want it in Power Stone 2 I’m a beast in that and Project Justice :lol:.



Thanx for the love crew.



uhm…kind of a discrepency on the ranking…heh.

just to let you know…

there’s AT LEAST 5 other guys that would be above 50, if he were to start rep’ing DFW…:wink:
i’m one of them…kekeke…lol
they just don’t go to the Sunday weekly tournaments as frequently anymore, but show up sometimes to Pepsi Tony’s…go figure.:o

And yeah, 50, you need to meet DarthSalamander, aka John Minco - you thought JW’s turtle-power was strong…:evil:
Lure him out w/ First Sunday Paydays…:smiley:

And demenion, aka Roger Ho… diet K.O. = nuff’ said!:wink:
Lure HIM out w/ double-cheeseburgers!:smiley:

edmond - (ed209); one of the best Tekken players in the NATION…plays a VICIOUS technical Ken (albeit slightly weaker than mine…heh), along with (his former buddy, ahem)…

Adrian Hodges (McD/eddy pistons) - ALSO one of the best Tekken players in the NATION! And he’s just NATURALLY good at 3s, playing LOW-TIER (Hugo, Necro, Ibuki, etc…). Too cool, ghetto and a class-act, rolled into one. Pepsi’s buddy, to the maximum!!!

Jae (ZERO GRAVITY) - Korean; nuff’ said! :smiley:
floats to AT once in a while, busting out Makoto, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li - well, you get the idea…he’s a top-tier whore!!! Parry whore, to boot! :slight_smile:

Honorable mention:
Nile (Doug Bush) - My Denton buddy; trained him myself - pretty good Elena; not Mopreme-level, but getting up there…and ALWAYS enthusiastic about 3s!:wink:

And some others, I’m sure, that I failed to mention. Heh…
The List is getting BIGGER, huh? :slight_smile:

You haven’t met all of the DFW elite, yet…you’ll enjoy the competition we have here for 3s…BUT, you also need to learn MvC2 - those are the 2 most heavily-played games here in DFW.:cool:

50, I can show you how I play ghetto w/ Ken…and teach you some TX tricks…:smiley:


I wish they were there in the tourney though.

Yeah I need to meet Jon Mico and Roger H. I wish they would just pop up or something so we could game sheessh whats a guy got to do around to play everybody now a days.



I wish they were there in the tourney though.

50, clean out your mailbox. IT’S FULL!!!:mad:

you need to get on AIM more often.
mine’s: lordtrajik79
marcus’: mA5tEr MaRcU5


p.s. check above. i edited the list of who’s who in DFW you should meet.:slight_smile: LOTS of peeps you have yet to meet. kekeke…:stuck_out_tongue: