3/21/09 Myrtle Beach, SC Dueling Ground 2 -SF4 and SC4-

Registration begins at 12:00 PM
Tournament begins at 1:00 PM

Entry Fee:
$8 to enter one tournament
$13 to enter both

Dueling Ground
4959 Socastee Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC

SC4 will be held on 360, SF4 will be held on PS3.

Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 Matches (Grand finals are best 3 out of 5)
SC4 - Algol banned
SF4 - All characters are legal

We have plenty of room for additional setups, so please bring them if you can!

I’ll be putting up flyers all around Myrtle Beach, but if anyone wants to print out a few for their area, the original image is here: http://accidentcore.com/sf4flyerfull.jpg

Since it’s going to be played on PS3 does anyone have a PS3 fightpad I can use if I go up there?

I have sticks you can use, if that helps any.

Some friends and I are thinking about driving down there from Florence and are wondering, what are the prizes?

What kind of turnout you expecting? Was planning on going fishing this saturday, but this might be worth the drive.

Prizes will be cash, totally depends on how many people show up.

I’m expecting a pretty decent turn out. I’ve got flyers up at the venue itself, every local gamestop, blockbuster, and an arcade here. I also talked to several of the guys at the Charleston tournament the other weekend and had a few of them interested in coming up for it as well.

Hopefully it’ll be worth it to make the drive out here. If you need a place to crash Saturday night, that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m expecting a bunch of my friends wanting to come back to my house to play more after the tourney anyways.

what kind of sticks do you have to use. i vote to change to 360 :0

for PS3 I have the HRAP1s. I’ve ordered new Sanwa buttons for them, which should hopefully be here this week.

The reason I’m having SF4 on PS3, is because well…I have SF4 for both consoles, and SC4 for 360 only.

So is the pot going to be split 70/20/10? I’ll be bringing my stick, which is for PS3 only. That’s assuming i’m coming, and i’m about 50/50 right now. Long way to drive considering that i’ve never played any sort of SF competitively. My wife is considering coming with, just to get out of town for a while. Is there anything around the area(that doesn’t involve spending my money) that will keep her busy for a while during the tournament? I can bring my PS3 as well, but my TV is too big to take up there. And what time you think you’ll be set up so i can get some practice matches in? I’m sure i’ll go two and out, so i’d like to get as much comp as i can before hand.


Well there’s a theme park, shopping strip, and a beach that’s very cold at this time. I guess I’ll come regardless since it’s PS3. I just don’t have a stick to practice on at home since my TE got delayed til april. It’s gonna be tough playing on a stick for the first time. Anyways I’ll probably bring a friend or two to play. About how many are confirmed so far?

There’s about 10 locals confirmed so far that I know personally. The flyers have been around for a few days now, and the venue has gotten a few calls with questions about the tournament, so I’m pretty sure word is getting out.

I’d like to see at least 20-25 show up, hopefully this will happen. I’m going to print up another batch of flyers tonight and get to even more places within the next couple days.

As far as things to do around MB…There’s a mall and an outdoor shopping center a couple miles away. Of course there’s always the beach (Should be warm by next weekend!)

I should be set up by noon, so that will give us at least an hour for casuals.

Additional setups will be very much appreciated. :smiley:

I can bring a 360 and SF4 and maybe SC4 if my friend can let me borrow but I don’t have a spare TV to lug around.

That’s fine. There’s 2 TVs at the venue, and I can bring one as well.

Well, I should be there and I’m bringing a few friends too. I don’t know how many will be in the tourny though. I kind of wish I could play on the 360 because I have a fight pad for it, I can’t do DPs on the dualshock and the ps3 fight pads have a noticeable delay… but what ever, I’m just looking to have a good time. Also, I am going to go ahead and guess that 90% of everyone that shows up is going to be either Sagat or a Kenfag.

I’m about 90% coming now, and the wife will be staying at home. Hopefully i can wake up early enough to make the 4-5 hour drive. Yeah, i’m that desperate for comp. I’ll bring my PS3 if you got a TV to hook it up to, let me know.


I’ll bring a spare TV for your PS3. I can possibly get a 2nd copy of SC4, so we’ll have 2 setups of each.

Will you be needing a place to crash Saturday night?

accept my friend request on xbox live gohan :’(

Sorry, I actually haven’t been on XBL the last few days. I’ll get it though.

I’ll be heading back that night, so i won’t need a place to crash. If you need help running the tourney, i can help with that. I’ve ran a few dozen of them, including helping with the tekken brackets at EVO. Really looking forward to getting some real comp finally. See you on saturday!!!

Justin: 4 of us are rolling up from charleston that im aware of. Beast taker, Stranger, sex instructor, and myself.