3/21 Dueling Ground 2 - Myrtle Beach, SC Results

Thanks again guys for coming out. As long as people continue to show up, I’ll keep having these. Dueling Ground 3 will probably be early May. Most likely I’ll just plan on SF4, unless there’s something else that people really want to play as well.

SF4 Results:

  1. Ryan (Balrog)
  2. imsocal-i/Jon B (Sagat)
  3. SonGohanX/Justin (Blanka/Ryu)
  4. John H. (M. Bison)

Yeah, GGs today. Was hoping to get more games in, but it was a really long drive home, so i really didn’t want to hang out late. 250 miles is a long way to go by myself, but it was worth it. I realized how deep this game is, and i’m just breaking the surface. Didn’t get any games with you justin, but being a blanka player myself, i hope to next time. GGs to everyone. You made me love this game almost as much as i love tekken tag.


gg’s to all

Hey just can u let me know when your doing another tourney so I can plan the day off. I need to know 2 weeks in advance buddy.

I’m thinking early May for the next one, but I will definitely have the thread up at least 1 month in advance.

anyway we could make it it mid may? i have final exams at clemson up until first week of may and i have to pack and move all my stuff back to charleston after that.

Sorry I couldn’t get to this. I had the days off but then we realized we had no money. Also, I busted my knee and think I tore a ligament. Just wasn’t destined for me to go I guess. :frowning: