3/22/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- March March results!

won’t have full results till havoc gets around. also just to confirm the ECC replacement will be taking place at C3, stay tuned people.

EDIT: If you aren’t me brandon or jaguar do NOT POST C3 THREADS. Someone promised a VF tournament that didn’t even show up, I don’t appreciate that at all. Sorry to the VF players it won’t happen again.


  1. exodus
  2. shinshay
  3. deviljin
  4. steve harrison


  1. Sanford
  2. Steve Harrison
  3. Rugal
  4. ???


  1. Sanford
  2. Biron
  3. shinshay
  4. steve harrison


  1. Marlin Pie
  2. Kenji ‘KBNova’
  3. Seth ‘Moroha’
  4. Xaq

if you can fill in any blanks post up, also if you know Guilty and/or Tekken results post up and i’ll edit it onto the first post. steve you gotta stop doing that to us, its not right you’re better than that. iraq pat gs for coming out and just being alive in general. shout outs to jersey, PA, and everyone that came out. brawl looks really fun, i’m def. going to try to get into it in the coming months. sooooo many jokes@ the ihop…i’m speechless. jabbawockees ftw~

it was fun even tho i lost real quick, i think i’m done for until sf4.

some good random ihop convo quotes

  • while eating pink and blue dr suess pancakes “you go ahead and eat those sexy pancakes”

  • offers some ice water with 5 lemon wedges in it “I dont want any of your prison juice”

haha, i like

that prison juice is too crucial

GS everyone I played, I spent most of my time ‘at home’ by GG, maybe I’ll do some more Tekken casuals next time. Steve H vs Sanford was a nailbiter for real, their matches are always entertaining.

GG results from what I remember:

  1. Marlin Pie (ED)
  2. Kenji ‘KBNova’ (ZA,AN)
  3. Seth ‘Moroha’ (AB)
  4. Xaq (DI)


  1. Team Marlin/Xaq (ED/DI)
  2. Team Saphri/Damian (TE/AB)
  3. Team Moroha/Wallstreet (AB/SL)


gg to biron in finals u got alot better and krost ur ken is too much work GG’s to all… hopefully i can do better next month… CONGRADS TO SANFORD KELLY OMG!!! CVS2 TIME OUT FTW

yes, GGs kyle, and GGs to everyone else :>. ill personally try to bring a dreamcast for next time. as always, thanks for running things, brandon/eric.

from what i remember top five was this…not totally sure though since i don’t have the brackets.

Street Fighter 3 3rd strike

1.Exoscrub= Yun
2.shin shay-Ken/Chunli
3. devil jin-Ibuki
4.steve harrison- CHunli

maybe kahn or brandon have the full brackets???

congrats to khang. stay scrubby son.

cg to sanford too. and biron, way to step up man.

sorry i couldnt make this one, lucky brand jeans owns me. hope everyone had a good time.

smash results?

Congrats to the winners. Wish I didn’t have to miss this, but I’ll see you all next month.

5)Min Masters
Not Dead Last)Not Kimmiks
Dead Last)Eric Mutha Fuckin Kim

Iraq Pat back with a fuckin vengance. greatest comeback ever. damn near two full characters vs damn near dead blanka. havent played cvs2 since last year vs plays all the fuckin time but still fuckin sucks. whats really good.

Ty Iraq Pat, truely a gentleman. love the casual racism.

can’t wait till the new eastern coastal championships. smash looks and easy btw. jose, we may need to get to your place more often. we need dat whheeeeeee and some smash.

thanks for comin out to all the out of staters. hope you enjoyed yourselves.

ninja edit: forgot my red color font**

:wonder: Khang, Eric and J.B, nice job taking top three in 3rd Strikez. Pat where you at… dood!

In ST, Steve H got 4th and I got 5th.

Good games guys! Great seeing and playing with you all again. Biron, you should start posting on SRK anyway. Thanks for the ride home, good times at ihop, etc.

remind myself never to help pat again:rolleyes:

i would be the brain fart

:confused: Sanford Kelly plays Super Turbo? :confused:

GGs to everyone I played that I can think of right now: Krost, Seiko, Dan (random lucky faust ftw!), Jesse and his Roboky friend (wow I can’t remember your name again, I suck), Shinshay, Havoc, and anyone I forgot to mention.

Good job to mulligan for pwning up the smash players, sucks that you lost via stupid technicality.

Krost: team Guilty Gear will one day return! Well maybe.

I hope to be at the next one, this was a lot of fun.

gg’s ppl, gs to sanford for cvs2 timeouts, and psychic srks in turbo. hopefully next time ill do a little better, btw is there gonna be ahf next time, cause im trying to get into it.

i think the roboky’s name is CrunkJuice. and yeah, nice seeing you, thanks for teaming with me in gg :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have brackets.

I think that dude Mohammed threw all that shit out while I was trying to get CvS2 finished.

So… no full results this time. I’m assuming Ultra David probably has ST brackets though.

Thanks to everyone that came out.

Sorry shit ran a little slow/sloppy… I haven’t had a car this week, so I wasn’t able to get out on Friday night like I like to. So… sorry for lack of Dreamcasts, and lack of space/set-ups in general. I can’t leave Eric Kim to do a man’s job.

Anyway… ECC replacement will definitely be at C3. Get HYPE. Get MAD?