3/22 Gameyard SF4 tournament! Dearborn Michigan

The GameYard is located at 29552 Ford Rd in Garden City, Michigan. Our phone
number is 734-261-0214. http://www.thegameyard.com/

Street Fighter IV Tournament - Sunday, March 22nd (Xbox 360 only)

$5 / person entry fee

$20 prize for 1st place, $5 for 2nd place

2:00pm start

Time Limit = 99, 2/3 Matches.(No bans as of yet)

Competitors can use GameYard wireless controllers or can bring in their own controllers. You may bring arcade sticks.(no turbo/macro’s allowed)

Memory cards/hard drive’s with character’s unlocked are needed.

Rules:All rules are subject to change.

Winner of match keeps same character, loser may change if he/she wishes.

Any glicthing/making the game unplayable is not allowed.

Infinites(fei long/el fuerte…etc) will be monitored by the tournament organizer if need be.

I am not the owner/organizer of this tournament, i was given permission to post
this information, so all is subject to change.

Anyone in or around the dearborn area please come out and represent, i know there’s some good players out here, but u guy’s are hard to track down.

Payout is set at $20 to keep this tournament fun and laid back, and to get more casual/neighborhood players involved, and to keep Dominator “insert name here” from coming out and beasting all the local competition.