3/22 SOVA Random Ass House Tourney: "Vegan or Bust"

Results from a random house tourney we threw at Aimforthefeet’s. Here are your results.

1: Ryry ($14.00) - Dhalsim
2: Foomy - Rose, Sagat
3: Blackula - Sagat
4: Unknown Enemy - Chun Li
5: Styles - Balrog
5: Aleri - Blanka, Balrog
7: OJ - Chun Li
7: Judge - Fei Long
9: AJ - Cammy
9: Dsinnie - Blanka
9: Babypuncher - Sagat
9: Jae Mito - Bison
13: Sean Miyagi - Ryu, Abel
13: Aimforthefeet - Ken, Zangief

Fun times. Aimforthefeet will soon be a vegan no longer.

wait…did ryry beat everyone w/ Sim?

yes :shake:

why are people acting like sim is bad or something, hes so fucking good! and ranked top tier by japanese tier lists

Sim isn’t bad…but when someone drops a match to ME w/ him the DAY BEFORE an event that goes down like this one…i tend to have some questions. aka, i suck @ this game.

next question…
RyRy - did you practice or do some Sim homework between Saturday and Sunday, or did you just sandbag your way to a loss w/ Sim vs me on Saturday.

this is really just for my own interest, i couldn’t care less about the actual reasoning.

i just picked him up saturday when we were doing casuals and learned some shit overnight, hes still a work in progress and if you wanna consider me losing to you sandbagging using my 10 min old sim at the time then yeah sure why not

chun is fun!

ryry is a cyborg that is sent here to take our money.

Remember SOVA, we pay his bills.

I dont pay SHIT!!!.. speakin of pay… ALERI ACCEPT MY MONEY MATCH HOE!

nah, i don’t have a problem w/ it Ryan…in fact, i remember asking you to pick a random character to make our fights more interesting. was really just wondering if you were really able to pick up that much stuff overnight or not. apparently it was a topic of discussion among the ppl you played on Sunday, but nobody wanted to ask.
good shit tho, i doubt many people around here could have such a quick turnaround with a character they just started learning.