3/26 Family Fun MvC2 Results

  1. SooMighty - MSP, Sent/Storm/CapCom
  2. Amir - Magneto/Storm/Sent-a
  3. Illan - IM/Cable/Doom
  4. Dino - Sent/BH/Cable
  5. Junior B. - Storm/Sent/Cyc
  6. Dc Static - MSP, Sent/Cable/CapCom


Good shit, Soo!

Stop using MSS Amir :mad:

good job to all the placers, cant believe junior b drove all that way lol



Whats wrong w/mss? that team is hella good.

It is hella good… when compared to team shoto.

pretty slick that top 5 all had different teams

When’s the next weekly? I wanna play!

We’ll be having one in TX next Tuesday. Drive to TX, BIATCH!