3/26 THE ESPOT Monthly BEATDOWN #11 Results

Hello there. I am actually posting this for OHMZ who is in the process of moving right now and can’t get to the comp to post. Good stuff from the E-Spot once again for hosting another great event. Now, the results…

Street Fighter 4 3v3 - Winner Take all

  1. Team FYC (Ryder, MarlinPie, DarthArma)

  2. Team Whatever (Chris Hu, Damdai, Adnan)

  3. Team E Spot (Liston, CitiofBrass, Zerocool)

  4. Team Skills (Aquasilk, RicoSuave, Inthul)

  5. 2 Train connection (Mike Infinite, SmoothViper, EvilRahsaan)

  6. The Good The Bad The Ugly

  7. Team japan

  8. Team G

  9. Team Platano

  10. X P & G

**Street Fighter 4 1v1 (33 Entrants) **

1 Damien “damdai” Dailidenas (RYU, SAGAT)
2 Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (EMP) (Gief, Honda, Akuma)
3 Aqua Silk (Gief)
4 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP) (Sagat, Gief)
5 MarlinPie (FYC) (Viper)
5 Mike Infinite (Balrog, Seth, Viper)
7 Ryder (FYC) (Abel, Ryul)
7 Rico Suave (Abel)
9 Chris “Fascinating” Hu (Ryu)
9 Liston (Sagat)
9 citiofbrass (Honda)
9 BuyProduct (Bison)
13 Absolute Meyhem (Balrog)
13 Hacker Mike (Blanka)
13 Dizzy (Chun)
13 Inthul (Fei Long)
17 Phillip C. “KDZ” Atkinson (FYC) (Rufus)
17 DarthArma (FYC) (Akuma)
17 Adnan (Sim)
17 DJ Katastroph3
17 Chris Orso
17 Dutty
17 Chris Zero (Akuma)
17 Lid the ramey (Sagat)
25 Dale Anthony
25 AFC
25 Silly Goose (Balrog)
25 James Brown
25 Austin
25 Johanito
25 Ramon Gil
25 Joshua Irizarry
33 Collin

Lol, for whatever reason I was registered under Chris Zero for singles.

Anyway, this was only my second tourney(first was NEC in December). It was a cool experience outside of what felt like a slight delay on the TVs(maybe it was just me).

The nerves are getting a little better, so I can focus just on playing now. GGs to everyone I played, specifically Mikeinfinite for bouncing back with Seth after losing with Balrog and knocking me into losers, with Inthul finishing the job with that Fei Long. Good stuff to Adnan who took me out in teams(I really need some Sim experience, add me if you don’t mind playing some!). Nice talking with Citiobrass, Arma, Ryder, Inthul, Rashaan, Liston, Goose, Alukard, Rico, Marlin, etc. I will most likely be able to attend these and other tourneys in the future, and also play yall some more at some gatherings. Good stuff to all. Hopefully I’ll make some noise at an event real soon :slight_smile:

Additionally, that Chris Hu vs Damdai Ryu mirror was the hypeness.

Damdai on top!!!

Damdai a boss!

Yooooo! Damdai in there.

Step it up Zero cool!

Gj Damdai

foreal man damdai was on point yesterday


Next time I run into Damdai I want a budget money match :slight_smile:

mad fun last night. hopefully i do better next time around. congratz to damdai.

Good job to everyone last night there were plenty of upsets but overall just solid gameplay. Good seeing everyone at CF last night also.

Not too sure i’ll be attending anymore E-Spot tournaments though. $10-venue is extreme imo. $5-spectator is OD imo. Maybe if spectator was free and venue was $5 I would go again but seriously when the house is making more than the pot it gets pretty annoying.

I edited the results for singles to add some characters…please look next to Damdai’s name. :frowning:

I before E for Gief Deluxe :slight_smile:

My bad…I play non broken characters :slight_smile:

Are the videos for this going on youtube?

My bad next month we will be accepting WIC, Food Stamps, Etc…syke!!