3/26 Virginia Mid-Atlantic Video Game Championships RESULTS

MvC2 (30 Entrants)

1st Justin Wong
2nd Isaac Graham
3rd Mike Williams
4th Eric Valencia
5th Jensel Diaz
5th Pete Luong
7th Nelson
7th Victor
9th Eddie
9th Jody
9th Mike D
9th Frody
13th Juan
13th Ernesto
13th Wigfall
13th Eric Lee

CvS2 (35 Entrants)

1st Justin Wong
2nd Jason Harding "Rugal B."
3rd James Paige "Bmore Chun"
4th Jody Woodley
5th Lucious Clayton
5th Pat Van Pelt
7th Billy Hummell "Moose"
7th Aaron
9th Eric V.
9th James D.
9th Carlos lucky bastard
9th Christian Sutton "Skisonic"
13th Tudy
13th Robin Palm "Renegade"
13th David
13th Koop

3rd Strike (38 Entrants)

1st Justin Wong
2nd Khang Trinh
3rd Josh Wigfall

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition (21 people)

1st Mike Creque
2nd John Rothgeb
3rd Eric Lee

Tekken 5 (72 People)

1st Jinmaster (SOVA)
2nd LOC (SOVA)
3rd Mt Fighter

Soul Calibur 2 (32 people)

1st Jeffrey Thompson (DE)
2nd Jinmaster (SOVA)
3rd Kevin Brown (SOVA)

GGXX#R (19 people)

1st Mike Creque (NOVA)
2nd Dan Thompson
3ed Jason

SSBM Singles

1)Daniel Rodriguez (NOVA)
2)Ricky Mitchell (NOVA)
3)Matthew Wianans (NY)

SSBM Pairs

2)Spy Kids

Halo 2 (28 people)

1)HomeLAN security
2)Team Hebrew

First and foremost. One of our club members’ digital video camera is missing. I don’t really care how anyone got it, but if you have it, please give it back. Let me know and I won’t tell your name or anything. All he wants is the footage on there of his 6 year old daughters’ birthday. That’s what really hurts him the most. So, if you know anything. Send me a PM.

Ok. on to the tourney.


+Lot of people, lot of good competition
+Managed to finish everything
+really great first tourney
+Commons was a good location
+Projector screen was awesome
+Got to fix that tourney bug for quite awhile
+Amazing Help from David Fennell, Isaac Graham, Eric Lee, and Dwayne. Thanks guys. Couldn’t have done it w/o you. I’ll get you back.
+Had to cancel CFE
+Ran a 20 person SF2AE tourney in about an hour. maybe less.


  • Didn’t get to do Swiss Pairs (double elim) :-(, too many people
  • Registration took FOREVER
    -Didn’t really start on time (got SC2 and SSBM pairs going around 1:30, 2)
    -Actually had to turn away some people for tekken b/c of the Police Officer. I’m really really sorry guys
    -Fire Code anyone? Yeah, we were at it.
    -CvS2 Was Double Elim 1 game for alot of the tourney.
  • We were kinda overwhelmed.
    -Had to cancel CFE
    -Lotta people had to leave early.
    -My Jeep’s alternator died. So it’s stuck in the parking garage. :frowning:

To anyone I had to give a refund to b/c of time issues. I’m pretty sorry about that. I wasn’t really expecting this good of a turnout. So we fell behind a little, and i had to run the bigger tourneys (mvc2, Cvs2, T5, 3S) before guilty gear, CFE, and SF2. Some people had to jet around 6-7, and there’s not much chance I would have finished anything before then.

We eventually had a good amount of TV’s, the problem was the organization and the method to use them. Lotsa people fired up casuals whenever a tourney wasn’t on and didn’t exactly want to get off when i wanted them to. I know how that is, i’ve been there, it just holds up a tourney.
I apologize if I was curt with anyone. Shit’s gotta get done, ya know.

Big ups to those that brought TV’s. Made the tourney go by much faster.

Things we’re prolly gonna do different for next time

  1. bigger room
  2. More guaranteed game-stations
  3. Different register line for each game
  4. instead of discounts, a simple we pay you to bring a TV program
  5. Better form of pre-registering, i.e. online
  6. Narrow the focus, we bit off more than we could chew.
  7. More tourney staff who will only be staff.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, feel free to call me (804) 400 0744. I’d like to hear you input on this tourney. Being our first one as a club, i’m thinking we didn’t do half bad.


Ya the tourney waz cool congrats to Wigfall 3rd in 3rd strike, hold that shit!

Best tourney i was in by far.

GGs to all I played, every game was hard-fought :tup:

Clock saved me from Wigfall mvc2 round 3, very good game, the closest & exciting tourney games ever played :tup:

EDIT: Good shit on 3rd in 3s Mr. Wigfall

wigfall’s the new hot shit!

Is there any way that we could see full results. I know it’s eairly. Comp was very stiff in CvS2. Both of my losses were pretty close… Big ups o Jody and Justin for destroying my hopes for money. But 5th place isn’t bad at all. NC reped at this tourney! Also thanks to Robin for organizing this thing and a big thanks to Mike and Alex for “sponsoring” me.

That is Jason Harding not James Harding for cvs2

yeah i wanna see the full results too :smiley: had a blast, and played pretty good in 3s. the drive wasn’t bad at all, i’d definitely make the trip again (only late to work this morning by 30min haha).

my only criticism is that the whole thing started pretty late, i think i played my first match around 4-5pm. however, considering how many people showed, i think everything went really well. the mic is a must for calling matches, that really helped a lot.

thanks robin and everyone else who was involved putting this together, running brackets, etc. and congrats to all the tourney winners. peace.

My bad, jason. All fixed. that’s what typing results at 5am will do to you. Writing james twice and shit.

That’s cool

good shyt no doubt…hey robin can i see full results for SF:AE thanks.

  • meeting my NC family an kickin it with them…too fuccin good

  • jive turkey living up to his meter in his avatar (ya fuccin pimp)

  • mackin the subway chick an got my combo for only $2.00

  • N-ken an me laughin at some random ass kid wanting tokens…wtf???

  • empire ladies…to nice an funny <3

  • fastest anniversary tournement ever…

  • TFGM…thinkin im cheatin till i had to whip out to pic lmao…too good kickin it with ya…

  • Big Pat is very afraid of Athena…

  • some body was very musty…an sadly i knew who it was

  • red bull chick…very nice…

  • no BW3’s for me =(

  • sorry for givin false info to that camra/reporter…but i dont just hand out info…koop should be enough

  • scary mash potatoes lived up to his name in tekken…glad i didnt sign up

  • jinmasta is just a monster in tekken…again…glad i didnt sign up

-denny’s at 3 in the morning on some resovouir dogs[sp?] shyt…too good

-drunk chick at dennys…too good

  • good seein my folks i havent seen in a minute…will post more after more sleep

Haha, and it’s John RothgEb, not RothgAb, but it’s all good :tup: . I had an awesome time, Robin.

Good shit NY. Mr. Wigfall got nice :tup: See you guys next tourney.

Mr. Graham is the truth, I have trained you well my son. Wazzler’s the truth, and pete’s kind of hardcore right now. Michael’s a gay fucker,and he lucky as shit. J/K, you’re dope. Josh did less than stellar in Marvel but shocked the world in 3S, stil my nigga. And Magnetomaniac…Get off your own pre-puberty nuts. I already saw footage…YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST MARVEL PLAYER ALIVE…if anyone can count you as a marvel player. You suck so fucking bad, and you are got so fucking lucky against Josh. You are the most random fucker this scene has seen. Change your name to dicksuckingmaniac cause your magneto is pathetic. Go back to the living room and practice, cause your skills are nothing for you to post online about. GG…go lie on some train tracks.

…who the fuck are you and why the fuck dont you play me so my magneto can ocv ur ass to japan.

Hey guys, a lot of club members were reporting a lot of different items stolen.

I myself lost a wavebird and my dc converter, taken right out of my bag, if anyone has seen any of these items please contact Robin ASAP.

Thanks, and great games to everyone all around.

Just wanna say good tourney over all,had mad fun,saw some people there I hadn’t seen in quite some time,so much talent in that room.Props to Robin,Jinmaster,LOC,Gamma Dynamite and every1 else who helped organize it.Props as well to all who placed.By the way to all the tekken players this is Chad R.,the feng and bryan player.Really wish I would have brought a controller I felt more comfortable with,maybe I wouldn’t have started doing random stuff.I didn’t show my Soul Calibur skills,kinda got there when the tourney was already underway,otherwise I would’ve entered.I must also request though that the full results be posted,I mean at least for Tekken 5,considering it had by far the biggest turnout of all the games.BTW does any1 know the name of the asian girl who played anna(and if she has a bf)?See you guys at FR8.Peace.

~Born to Play~

Just a few words.

Good tournament environment, met some good old friends. BChun, Naomi, Koop, Jermaine(RR), Ricky, Mike, Otis, and a whole bunch of people that I saw from either M2 or M3. It was a nice event props to VCU runners. Good stuff. I got a whole bunch of pics, I’ll find a hoster and then post the link so you guys can see. Until then.

PS: To Renegade, would it be asking to much if you could give me the top 20 of Tekken 5, and Marvel. I want to find the rank for Naomi and Q, so I can give it to a female so that she can write something for a female gaming site about how well the girls did at the tournament. I hope its not a bother. Thanks.

I didnt even think that got recorded…

Anyways, tourney shout outs:

  • gj MagnetoManiac for beating Josh, regardless of if it was the randomest lucky thing ever(which it was, QUIT TAGGING IN DOG) you still beat him, props for that. Plus when he won I got to run around yelling “VEE AY SON, VEE AY!!!” to the downstairs marvel people who werent watching, and + Pete’s face as Im running up to him like that lol so dissapointed it looked like you lost your son.

  • Koop, dog too tight playing Turbo then making fun of random token crackheads fiending for a game, that was dope. Plus your Ken rushdown is slick in that game.

  • Good seeing MD again, damn you guys are too funny.

  • SNES and N64 there, WTF??? Turtles dont belong at tournament.

  • I SAW the powerglove:sad:

  • NO D I really appreciate you watching my stick man, sorry to put that on you.

  • Khang poker is too dope, dont bet against the straight draw dog. And fuck you for hitting random 2 pair with like deuce 5 on the river. lol

-Good shit to Wigfall for 3rd in 3s, and good shit to JWo for being JWo.

-My first Marvel match against Dave, godamn random, red bull staff yelling like 2 feet away from my ear, tournament announcements like “MIKE YOOOO!!!, MIIIKEEE!!!” Then Eric V accidently kicking out the power cord during our second match, then we kept going, DAMNIT I had that Dave :sad:

  • I got scrapped by Wigfall bad and that makes me want to get hella better in Marvel, looks at MD You know you guys need a random white guy to be good at Marvel, you can adopt me and shit, like a puppy, but bigger.

-Good shit Eric V with 4th

-LOC from what little I talked to him seemed like a hella dope guy, good shit with 2nd.

-Eric Lee, Pat, Dave, Dan T, NOVA marvel, other people, good seein you guys again.

-Other people I didnt mention that I talked to or what have you, you’re probably pretty dope unless you arent then fuck you in that case, otherwise good shit.

Shoot Outs(lowlights):

  • Ugh the time managment was just plain bad here, wasted time all over the place.

  • Any SF tourney that has Smash is doomed from the start, Smash is fucking gross and shouldnt be there.

  • Brackets? NOVA was playing each other all over the place in marvel, for example I played Dave first round, then the next match was either MagnetoManiac or Wigfall depending on who won each, so NOVA would VERY likely go 2 and out to NOVA on both games, WTF. Peter had to play Victor first round also.

-Timing was wack, CvS2 absolutely should have been first, you shouldnt have used a LONG signup method just so you could have it on computer, AE also should have been earlier, game goes by quick. Dont get why you have to cater to Smash players by doing that first, thats all most where playing so they could stick around for awhile, afaik most of the out of towners were there for Capcom games, the people who actually need to get on the road.

  • Random ass asian kid who was fondling my HRAP talking about some random shit while hes looking it over, fuck you kid you dont know me dont touch my shit without asking or anything. He was being random all over the place too.

  • Those GG buttons downstairs make baby jesus cry :sad:

It was fun because of seeing people and playing some games, but the tournament orginization was pretty bad in some cases, it ruined part of it, but overall it was still fun.

yo had mad fun…in MVC2, took out magneto maniac, nestor, and lost double jeopardy to infinite, scrubbing out landing me 4th place
In cvs2, took out sparatik (lol), lost to bmore and moose by time, i will out turtle you both next time fools j/k u guys played great…and i think i might have got top ten, but either way had mad fun seeing some old heads, mad up’s to the winners, gotta go sleep more imao???good tourney over-all, thx moose and robin

wow josh got 3rd in 3s? good shit, marvel players should follow his example!