3-27-10 ON BLAST! SF4 + Mbaa Full Results

1: Sabin ($94.50)
2: Chris Hu ($27.00)
3: Rahsaan ($13.50)
4: Henry Cen
5: Aulord
5: Hold Dat
7: Rhys
7: Tinshi
9: Antishoto
9: Nerdjosh
9: Mincent
9: Manny
13: Spab Rog
13: Andydemon
13: Ben Fong
13: Shaggy
17: Vinnie
17: MGV
17: DS
17: Carlos
17: Jin
17: Adnan
17: Kelloggs
17: Luke
25: Alex
25: Buns of Stone
25: Hyperhal

Vids from the stream:
http://www.justin.tv/clip/42f6075210f0f869 Start from here for all 3 parts. (Still processing)

1: ZTB ($77.00)
2: XAQshinor ($22.00)
3: Seto Kaiba, World Class Duelist ($11.00)
4: Sp00ky
5: sumAZNdude
5: nightroad
7: Lain
7: MasterChibi
9: Bk-Lee
9: Mynus
9: Nas
9: Tinshi
13: LPT
13: Kamina
13: Fox
13: Braver
17: Shiki
17: Jimmy
17: Zidane
17: Ehrik
17: Purge
17: Mincent
17: MGV

Vids from the Stream:
http://www.justin.tv/clip/83704e90953e09ea Start from here for the first of 5 parts.

Apologies if anyone’s name is spelled wrong. Thanks to Tinshi for running this event, good shit to everyone who attended.

Great tournament. Was very hype. Good shit to tinshi for running this. It was well organized and ran SMOOTHLY. I don’t even play melty blood and I was hype at the grand finals. Great stuff overall, looking forward to On Blast 2!

Tournament ran well gonna show up to the next one this time around

Just out of curiosity, who was the gouken I was vsing on casuals?

i havent had that much fun playing 4 in a while

BIG props to Spooky, Tinshi and Ben Fong for running things

no one was safe from getting salty or geting put on blast!!! good times

First off I gotta put 6 niggas on blast for showing up late to the tournament resulting in some of the most ghetto brackets I’ve ever worked on


I’m pretty sure the next On Blast will have an enforced start-time(it did this time, but someone started girling mad hard to get put in), so show up 30 mins before the actual tournament starts lol

If you don’t see your name in the SF4 results, then you got last and the tournament software didnt catch you. I know there are 4 people missing from that list, I just can’t remember off the top of my head who it is

For MBAA, the following guys had the same treatment, except I actually know the names:

Desert Coffin

Good tournament, plenty got put on blast and not enough stayed for the blast finals. How you gonna enter a tournament and not stay to see who got fucked up???

YO UGH ON BLAST!? :confused::confused::confused:

Good shit to everyone props props too many to shout out. Look forward to the next one in April. I will keep these as a monthly and also open to do teams and such whichever people want give me feedback people. :lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin:

Rare footage of Arturo being late…

Stream looked good, even with really comparatively shitty uprate, I didn’t get to watch SF4, had to go to a small party but Melty was definitely hype as hell. Good shit to Zar. Thanks to the usual suspects for making this happen and having an enjoyable stream to watch. I hope one happens when I have my trip to NY in June.

post dem sf4 vids soon gotta see my mistakes

Good Shit Hold Dat and Chris!

Mott Street Bullies are back???

The vid links are in the first post.

Here it is again: http://www.justin.tv/clip/42f6075210f0f869 Sf4 part 1 of 3 just keep clicking next clip for the other 2 parts.

waves Hey there! I’m not sure I remember you, were you the awesome Fei Long I was playing before?

Pretty much sums it up. Thanks Tinshi and the rest of the crew that ran this event.

Indeed i was =D Ill add you on xbox

who is down for 3v3 teams next event anyone???

This tourney was hillarious to watch good guys!

Shoutouts SRK version

Sabin - good job placing. I was kinda looking forward to Seth though =(. Also good job making it out of you house for once! It was fun chilling, talking trash and getting hype. Come see me in TF next time - OOOOHHH.

**NerdJosh **- yo…MB, son. What happend? You could have put mad cats ON BLAST with that Hnero. You gotta enter next time, man. Oh, and you need to get it in TF too lol.

Mincent - …wtf is you doing lol. I didn’t even get to see you play. Hell, didn’t even know you were giving MB a second chance. I wish you well in future events and I was nice hanging out again.

DS - “DYNAMITE!!” x2. Good times chilling at the crib. Brush up in TF cus like, everyone is going to get it next time :looney:.

Hyperhal - You didn’t enter MB? Too busy boding SF4 players with empire combos? Get at me in sailormoon fighter next mth. Thanks for putting me on to the REAL version lol.

**AntiShoto **- good seeing you again, mang. 3S was in the corner of my eyes lol. Was mad tempted to jump on that. Next time we gotta get on some TF (and 3S too maybe)!

Cen - welcome to the future of US competitive scene. P.s. “where’s arcana 3, huh?”

HoldDat, Rahsaan, Chris - Good stuff placing guys. I really enjoyed watching your matches. Gotta keep the other SF4 heads around for GFs and keep the hype circulating.

Desert Coffin - YOOOO! good seeing YOU again in so damn long. MBAACC is dropping this summer. Will I be seeing you 4 months after it’s release :mystery: ? Hope you can make it to next event.

Again, good shit to Tinshi and let us know ASAP when we gonna put cats ON BLAST next month! :tup:

I entered too late bracket was full. I’ll just head there by myself if my groups going to be late next time… I’ll be ready for you Zar!!!

I’m up for 3v3 teams!