3-28-04 - Animation Sunday Weekly Results

MvC2: “Oops! I did it AGAIN!!!” @_@

entries: 13 participants
format: 2/3 DE - winners’; 1-game matches - losers’

  1. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  2. JW McNay "TeamDan
  3. Gustavo Manuel “Magnus Jaguar”
  4. Kevin Gutierrez
    5t. Steve Gutierrez
    5t. Eddy Cancino "TEVALE"
    7t. Chang-Wan Ahn "laugh"
    7t. Roger Tesheira
    x. Robert Cardenas
    x. DeaMarcus Riley "The Ripgut"
    x. Thai Nguyen "KINGDOM"
    x. Jorge G.
    x. Brian Murphy

3s: “The Ripgut = HOT TURKEY PLATE”

entries: 11 participants
format: 1-game matches throughout; 2/3 game matches - finals

  1. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  2. Doug Bush “Nile”
  3. JW McNay “TeamDan”
  4. Robert Cardenas
    5t. DeaMarcus Riley "The Ripgut"
    5t. Roger Tesheira
    7t. Eddy Cancino "TEVALE"
    7t. Jorge G.
    x. Brian Murphy
    x. Chang-Wan Ahn "laugh"
    x. Brad


  • ** THUMBS UP** - to my boi Jermaine for doing a 1-2 punch today in BOTH MvC2 AND 3s! :cool:

  • ** THUMBS DOWN** - John Irving. Late! Again! EVEN FOR THE LOW-TIER MvC2!

  • ** THUMBS UP** - props to Nile (yeah, I taught him!:sweat: ); great respectable showing today, Doug. Doug UPSET JW TWICE - once in the winners’ bracket, sending him to losers’, and finishing him off there…:slight_smile:
    Let it be known that I have NEVER defeated JW’s Chun Li, and now Doug has…:o

  • ** THUMBS DOWN** - Jermaine did the same thing to Doug!:smiley:
    He beat him in the finals in 1 match set.

  • ** 2 THUMBS UP!!!** - props goes out to Dea, making a grand return, and serving hot turkey plates in both MvC2 and 3s…hope to see you more often, dawg. :slight_smile:

  • THUMBS DOWN - to Chang! You did poorly in 3s today! I’m VERY disappointed in you! :frowning:
    Just work on tactics! I have preached tactics and strategy to you moreso than combos! I have faith in you. And no, you DON’T SUCK. :slight_smile:

  • ** THUMBS UP** - props goes to Gustavo, doing well against JW, upsetting him in MvC2 in the winner’s bracket (2-1). JW returned the favor to Gus’ in losers’…eliminating him (1-game match). Heh.

  • ** THUMBS DOWN** - to 50! dawg, next time, call Jermaine EARLIER!!!:lol:

  • ** THUMBS UP** - Low-tier MvC2 was fun.:smiley:
    Oh yeah, Christian wins it (Krishin101)! :stuck_out_tongue:

GG’s to everyone! And make sure ya’ll come for next week!