3/28/09 Street Fighter 4 Last Minute PnT Tournament - New York City!

Well as you can see, this sf4 tourney is pretty last minute. Last tourney we had over 23 people which is good so lets see whats up with the 2nd one

Hosted by Chocolate Lemon.

Street Fighter 4

System - Xbox 360
Controllers- BYOC
2 out of 3 double elimination
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

entry fee: $10

1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Plan N Trade? -
137 E 13th St, New York, NY? - (212) 674-0200?

When - Pre Reg at 12 Starts at 1 - 130pm

Pre Reg please


  1. Phire
  2. Shinryuken
  3. Stadic
  4. Sabin
  5. Mariodood
  6. Activee
  7. Evil Rahsaan
  8. Saint Gut free
  9. Romes
  10. Verify
  11. juddermang
  12. juddz
  13. master chibi
  14. DS
  15. liston
  16. aminorthread
  17. mr biscuits
  18. strikeshell
  19. Tai kwon joe
  20. erik arroyo
  21. epy0nkaru
  22. Andre
  23. XX Alucard
  24. fernie 417
  25. mikeinfinite
  26. arturo
  27. chaparralboy
  28. chaparralboy1
  29. chaparralboy2
  30. chaparralboy3

viper or cammy ;(

Im in. Boxer/Chun

Im hoping these are a monthly thing, theres alot of good players in NY. Enough for a positive turnout on a monthly basis. Also Ive got a MAS 360 stick id be willing to donate cause I dont use it at all(prefer horis) Its almost new, used it maybe all of 3 times, alot of people dont have sticks for the 360 so I’ll bring it, if it will help out.

Also if this becomes a monthly thing, should try and keep a tab on everything, like have an extra incentive to keep placing other than money, maybe free entree into the next. Or if you keep going 2 and out you or Marn or whomever can maybe give that person an idea on what they need to work on, so they dont instantly die every turnout. Just some ideas :china:

isnt there a sf4 tournament at CTF this day?

bah sooo many choices

so where exactly is this? and what time does it start?

I know this will be on the same day as the ctf tourney but it will be done before the ctf tourney since it starts at 4-5 pm while mine starts at 1-2 pm. It can be done as a double decker everyone.

First posted updated

Sounds like a whole day in the city of playing SF. I’m down. How much is it to enter?

@ Verify:
Ready for our rematch? We played at the Gamestop tourny. :slight_smile:

yea mannn just come through

im in there

two tourneys in one day? Hmm…i’ll be there

also how about some REAL FUCKING MATCH RECORDINGS this time!? Last time there was a video but it was just a couple of shitty noname matches badly edited together in one vid. wtf was that. I wanted to see how I played.

EDIT: nevermind I didnt realize they wuold put up the rest of the matches later. =)

Shoot. I won’t have a 360 stick until April. I can’t do this.

If I go, can I use your stick? :D. I dun have one yet :frowning:

Are you planing on going to the CTF tourny as well?

@ everyone:
Also, I don’t own a 360, so will someone allow me to use their 360 stick? :confused:

I"m in there!! and Maya’s coming with me.

Im in.

As always…

first post updated.

To people who dont have sticks. we will have 1 stick from the chocolate lemon group to lend out.

hey stadic you’ll have your chance at revenge cause ill definitely be there to defend my gamestop title lol =p and I may bring my friend who got 2nd that day. holla at me if u wanna play offline, i forgot what town you live in, but it’s bergen county so cant be too far.

Me and my brother will be there. Just put me down as JUDDERMANG (Chris Cruz) and him as juDDz (Phillipe Cruz). Two tournaments in one day sounds cool as hell :smiley:

wish i could go but 360 dont have converters for my ss pad ><