3/29-3/30 Family Fun Arcade (socal): Two Days of Tourneys


Saturday 3/29:

3rd Strike <3 on 3>

1st Team “Family Fun Zone”: Rockefeller (Urien), Victoly (Dudley), Frankie3S (Akuma)
2nd Arlieth Tralare (Makoto), Alex Flores (Yun), Yi Wang (Ryu)
3rd Gee-o (Yang), Paulee (Chun), Ken (Makoto)
4th Team “Bitch”: Mark (Chun), Mayuko (Chun), Hung (Oro)
5th Team “teamfamilyfun.com”: Shogo (Necro), Big Rich (Hugo), Jose Lixo (Makoto)
5th Jonathon Bigalbal (Ken), Hang Zhao (Alex), Joshua Magno (Yun)
7th Chaotic Blue (Ryu), Hikari Kawaii (Ken), sirhenk (Ryu)
7th Jason Gong (Ken), Brian Ige (Yun), Archie Tan (Makoto)
9th Mikei X (Q), Justus (Elena), Erik M (Akuma)

GGXX Singles

1st Chaotic Blue
2nd Jose Lixo
3rd Jose ver 2.0
4th Gee-O
5th Earl Gertwagen, Eric Choi
7th Alex Flores, Jason Gong
9th Steve Yoo, Hang Zhao, Asian Alex, Jonathon Bigalbal
13th Aric Tetley, Phil S, Justus, Hung
17th Aaron, Phil J, Archie T

Sunday 3/30:


1st Jason Afro Cole
2nd Gee-O
3rd Hung
4th SiN
5th Edma, George Afonso
7th sirhenk, Fortino
9th SooMighty, Damien H, Darryl A, Nick m
13th Jose L, Fernando P, Tony G, Hoa
17th Andre M, Agustin R, Pierre M, Beni K,
Alex R


1st SooMighty
2nd SiN
3rd Harry Potter
4th Danny Shnorhokian
5th Edma, Power
7th Phat Toi, Craig Simpson
9th Ferni, George Afonso, Illan, Joey
13th Pierre M, Alex R, David T, Melvin
17th Andre M, Justus, Enrique, Tony G

Props to all who entered and made this a crazy tourney weekend. I really enjoyed the crowd participation during the 3on3 :smiley:


good job hung at cvs! NSJ!!!

good shit soo, 3 ff tournies in a row!


wow it seems like Cole took the crown away from Gee-O and SooMighty’s still unstoppable, sucks i couldn’t go, maybe next time.


was there an mvc2 team tourney after?

good game potter and sin. they were close.


The 3on3 tourney was fun…Rockefeller is too good…so good that I didn’t get to see him play his games :lol:


Congrats to the winners! I checked out Family Fun the day after (couldn’t get to the 3s team tourney), it’s a dope arcade. Props to Henry for running a tight ship, the sticks on the main 3s machine are unbelievable. GGs to all I played, expect me there more, good to know great competition is so close…



Hey! This means you’re not in Tokyo anymore. =P (Look at your Profile)


good tourney

gg’s danny, megaman guile is crazy :’(
soo is still my bitch
i let him win
gg’s sin
lucky trick
finals were off the rizzle
the very last match
omfg perfect-o


congratulations to those who participated in MvC2! SOO IS TOO FUCKING GOOD! SiN and Potter as well. Congratulations


Thanks for running these tournies Henry and Richard. Keep em coming!


good job to everyone, was alot of fun, Hung = Deserves all credit for our place, He played awesome, I was dead weight more than anything… gg Second week Chun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: anyhow, next tourney will be different, looking forward to it… was good to see everyone as usual, I had a great time, lookin forward to the future tourneys, and keep up the practice everyone, its good to see new faces and better players every week! Keep up the good work Henry and Shogo, we appreciate your time and effort


you and mayuko helped, thats why we were a team. it was fun, there should be more team tourneys cause its fun. Yea but thanks to Henry and Shogo for holding these tourneys. You guys rock!!!


Damn Work, I wish I was there.:frowning: Gotta make dat paper tho.:stuck_out_tongue:


So are these tournaments going to be every 2 weeks now Henry?

You should throw ST in there on one of the days!!! Gotta keep ST alive, and I need to practice!! muah

Jason Cole

ps. Hey Nick, if you catch this…email me...isiah_420@yahoo.com

Wanted to get a copy of the tournament that your girl recorded. When will you be at FF again?


agian…another tourny comes and go…and i’m nowhere around :frowning:

never the less…as soon as my supervisor position is technically official…i wont be working on saturdays =]

i will PWN YOU ALL! (after about 3 years of extensive training)