3/29 3S ranking battle

1.) exodus
2.) chi-rithy
3.) nica ko
4.) sensifield
5.) mariodood
5.) bars n’ hook

full brackets: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=270413

overall a decent tourney. some technical problems held up a lot of matches, but this was the first tournament administered by me, so i let it slide. in the future i will clearly post rules that must be followed in absolute.

i save replays against my opponents, so if you played me and wish to view a segment, just ask. i want players to record their matches in the future, and submit top 3 replays to me.

exodus vs chi-rithy winners finals

exodus vs chi-rithy grand finals

i strongly recommend everyone get acquainted to the p2p replayer, because it’s amazing. the files are very small, and it’s just overall very useful for interpreting your game after matches. to use it, refer to zerogunner’s thread in the main forums.

good stuff running this, took some patience… would’ve lliked if the chosen chars. were official though(maybe during reg.?) to avoid possible counter picking/

and hamachi wouldve helped 100% for the guys who couldn’t host

From now on it should be like:

1.) you must have nfba
2.) You must be able to host. If you can’t host, you must have hamachi.
3.) Your ping must be (?) on Godweapon.

Dunno what ? should be but I’d really like it to be around 40.

Well i think sticking to the same character throughout the whole tournament stops that. Unless thats what you meant.

I think he meant that you would have to pick/register your char at the start so if anyone saw you using someone else they could call you out.

i would think people would be honorable enough to stick to 1 character.

concerning everything else, the next ranbat i will run will have all the rules posted much earlier, and all standards that must be conformed to. so don’t worry about it; even though we’ve had ranbats for a while, this was the first one that i personally ran.

would be a prob though if guys tried to change their char. mid tourny though now wouldn’t it? verify just so they can be called on it, as mariodood said.

i mean i can institute it no problem; i’d just put their char in brackets next to their name…i just never really thought that people would be gay enough to do that.

If your ping has to be set through GW then it’s just going to be mainly an EC tourney. I ping 80-100 in GW and have played great games with people on the EC.

coast to coast p2p ping ranges from 90ms to 110ms, and falls at 4 frame delay, which is more than playable. if a coast to coast p2p connection cannot be established, even with hamachi, then the players have to endure connecting to a server, or agree to a coinflip for winner.

is the coin the legendary two headed nickel…?
thanks for the games nonetheless<>

no. when i flipped the coins, i messaged daemon and mariodood for the first and second flips, respectively, with my choice before i asked you guys whether you wanted heads or tails.

btw, after the tourney, everything started to work again, and i didnt change any settings. weird huh? i was able to host fine afterwards.

Youtube links

Winners finals

Losers finals

Grand finals (2 parts)
[media=youtube]clxRVZPtyG0[/media] pt1
[media=youtube]fqm3TzuoAiI[/media] pt2

winners and losers are the same besides you played me in losers


is losers finals chi-rithy vs nica ko

Sorry, fixed it.

Hey exodus, when you running another one of these? I’m down to join…

And what is Hamachi?


Thanks for putting up the brackets and posting this… always great to see how people fare in these tournaments.