3/29 Florence A3 tourney results

here are the results…

1st- Chris Rose- SSJGogeta (V-Sakura, A-Ryu)

2nd- Daniel Cayse- popoblo (A-Dhalsim, A-Zangief, A-Rolento, V-Sakura, A-Vega, A-Ryu)

3rd- Joe Fry- Joe Fry (A-Vega, V-Adon, A-Sagat, A-Ryu)

4th- Adam Heart- RocKeits (X-Chun Li)

5th- Josh Queen- jbeene (A-Bison, A-Blanka)

7th- David Kerbl- dkerbs (A-Akuma, A-Ryu)

7th- Jason Horne- (no srk handle) (A-Dhalsim, A-Rose)

some highlights…

-During the winners finals, me beating chris the first 2, him winning the second 2, then me taking the 3-5 set in the fifth game.

-Chris beating me 4-0 first 4-7 set, then beating me 4-1 second set

Congratulations to all who entered.

i doubt i’ll be having another one of these for awhile, considering our huge turnout (7 people:D)

but i’ll get my petition going for either cvs2, 3S, or ST, then we’ll have some real tournies.

i’ll have to get to davids to upload the finals. ANYONE who is interested in getting them, either provide me space to host them, or i’ll send them via AIM, my sn’s are delarocha53 and asdfjkldpc. ask me for them sometime after monday or tuesday.

thanks for everyone who came out.

Yaaa me!