3/29 Fresno, CA CvS2/MvC2/T4 Results

Here are the top 4 placers for each tournament

1st - “Justin Wang” (C-Guile/Cammy/Chun)
2nd - Hooded Guy (K-Athena/Vega/Geese/Yamazaki/Sagat)
3rd - Mike W. (S-Bison/Cammy/Sakura/Yamazaki/???)
4th - LEE (K-Dun remember)
5th - SNK Dude (K-???)
6th - Dennis (C-Rolento/???)


  1. Justin Wang or Ricky Ortiz (No.1 Seed for Unspecified Region)
  2. Cesar Gomez (No.1 Seed Visalia)
  3. Anthony Leon
  4. Chris Schmidt or LBK (No.1 Seed Fresno)
    (tie) 5. Su Nguyen
  5. Telly Tel
    (tie) 7. Kevin Seeto
  6. Anton Ortiz (No.2 Seed Fresno)


  1. Telly Tel
  2. Laotian-Emotion
  3. Justin Wang
  4. Isaac (E2)

Updated to make some people happy :rolleyes:


haha justin wang!!! stupid shit


Out of curiousity, why did he play with the name Justin Wang?

Re: Re: 3/29 Fresno, CA CvS2/MvC2/T4 Results

How is 5th place lame? Considering how many ppl, let alone good ppl where there, he placed exceptionally well. I also got 5th place in the Tekken 4 tourney…you consider THAT lame too? What did you place, or did you not bother going? Talking shit, then not going…now THAT’s :lame:

Re: Re: Re: 3/29 Fresno, CA CvS2/MvC2/T4 Results

STFU scrub…Tekken 4?..LOL…what a joke:lol: Oh ya by the way I was there you fuckin idiot…:confused:

because it was funny…most of us always post a different name

Re: Re: Re: Re: 3/29 Fresno, CA CvS2/MvC2/T4 Results

How do you figure I’m a scrub? Because you’ve never seen me play Tekken 4, because this is the 3 time I’ve posted on SRK, or you can’t talk shit good enough and I called you on it? Did you even place in the CvS2 tourney (if you participated?) You don’t wanna end up like #1CvS2Playa, don’t you?..I don’t think so. Are you confused at your own saying? Oh wait, you’re probably that guy I eliminated from the tourney…are you butt-hurt little one?

Shows how much recognition you have, I didn’t even know you were there…

LOL:lol: …GAWD…what a bunch of idiots…

hahaha idiots cpsiv and mike is not the same fucking moron …you got fifth so you weren’t good enough to play mike…you lost get over it…fucking idiot

First off snk dude I’m mike so get the facts and story srtraight. Second if you could read me like a book how come u didn’t get top 3? HMm… Plus I’m playing S groove? Omg I don’t Rc/ I dont Jd… i just dodge and poke… hmm… IF you think you can beat me… then I welcoem the challenge… ANy tournament I attend ask 2 play aganist me first round. Hell I don’t care… One thing for sure don’t make excuses just play… And if you think that you’re so much better then me then I say come down to mgl and play some of team mgl in 3s/tekken/alpha/cvs/kof… I mean we came to your place so you can now come to mine… IF not then I’ll see you @ the next tourney… And I’ll make sure 2 ask 4 u in the first round and make sure to record that 2… To get the expression off both our faces when we see who’s better and who’s not…“BUT THEN AGAIN I’M NOT TELLING YOU SOMETHING YOU ALREADY DON’T KNOW.” “I CAME TO REPERESENT TEAM MGL” YA HEARD!

Ok first let me say this SVGL is a great place 2 play…but since i don’t live there i don’t play there often.Second …out of all the tourney’s I’ve attend and been to I never once seen you. 2… I rarely play cvs2 and only play it when I’m not working or once or twice during the week. And as far as you getting respect in the sf community… You have 2 remember respect is earned not given. People are gonna respect you more if you respect yourself first and everyone else. Talkin a bunch of nuthing will get you no respect and no frenz… ( I won’t mentions any name here) LOL… But if you think you can rape me… I welcome the challenge and I never back down. I’ve played against choi/ortiz/cole/nelson/kim/The Lew/Will/Mikey/graham…and a bunch of other top/ and hi tiier players… And you don’t see me ever disrespect them. All I’m saying is inorder to get respect show the players how well you play wether you win or lose and just continue to do what you do best. ANd as far as Cps iv goes he baited you in… and if you’re gonna start trippin off wat peeps say in the gamin community then u have along way to grow…“BUT I’M NOT TELLING YOU SOMETHING YOU ALREADY DON’T KNOW.”

I would have came but Misconceptn faked on me…I think he chose to dis me and chill with Ricky…



Wrong again there buddy… stop making bloody assumptions if u dont know who the heck u are talking about… as u eliminating me… i give u ur props… but then again i was tired as fuck driving 3 hours to fresno on 2 hours of sleep the night before… ur win over me was a fluke… I know 9 times out of 10 i woulda had that match… u just caught me on an off day :bluu:


First off i didn’t flake. 2nd I didn’t know wat teh deal was until about 830 am when I got off work. So don’t assume… Plus I didnt drive… So i ccan’t just randomly invite you to go in a car that’s not mine… 2nd SNK Dude I’m issuing you a challenge… How about you come here sat/sun and we play a best of series. You beat me I’ll double the money that I won…if you don’t then don’t say anything @ all. I don’t know why you had 2 go and make this all personal and all…But lets just settle this once and 4 all. You say you can read me like a book…that you’re better then me… then prove it. Do u accept? ANd don’t say well i have 2 play u in the next tourney… well unfortantely I’ll be @ ECC on the east coast the same day you guys are having your next tourney… So Do u accept? This sat or sun???

OOOOOO…he called you out SNK DUDE…whatcha gunna do huh? If I were you I would accept the challenge and save yourself from the modation, baition, scrub labelation that will ocure if you don’t.

And another thing…you keep bring’n other people into this that had nothing to do with my post. I labeled you LAME because you are brag’n about how you got 5th at CVS2…BRAG’N ABOUT HOW YOU GOT 5th! COMMON MAN YOUR KILL’N ME! Thats nothing to be very proud of. If you wanna know who I am I will walk right up to you and tell you myself. Stop asuming that I’m somone else…my name is as clear as day in my signature at the bottom of the post. Now you’ve gone and pissed off the other MGL members…baaaaad move SNK DUDE…bad move indeed.


Misconceptn: I just read that you didnt drive and rode with someone else…thats fine…I just thought as a friend at least u would have called and told me that I couldnt go with you…and that you car pooled instead of read that you just showed up there we we had planned on going together…thats all…Ur still cool with me…but true friends would at least do that…


Misconceptn I accept your challenge.

Geez I this becoming like freaking high school and shit. I am getting picked on everywhere I go. :o :frowning:

Accept, play, and we will see then…won’t we:cool: