3/29 Omia's Pub SF4 Singles Results in Northern VA. 33 entrants

1st Steve Harrison (SA) Lost to Eric Kim in winner final 1-2
2nd Eric Kim (SA) Lost to Steve Harrison twice 2-3, 0-3
3rd Dr Chaos (KE) Lost to Steve Harrison twice
4th Moosehummel (BX) Lost to Steve, Chaos
5th Demon Hyo (CH) Lost to Eric K, Moose
5th Renegade (ZA) Lost to Bartlett, Chaos
7th Corrosive (DI) Lost to Eric K, Renegade
7th Epsilon (ZA/RY) Lost to Steve, Moose
9th Bartlett (Perfect Sin) (DH) Lost to Demon, Corrosive
9th GodShot (BX) Lost to Eric K, Renegade
9th Jaguar (BX) Lost to Chaos, Epsilon
9th Slogan (BX) Lost to Chaos, Forfeited to moose (work)
13th Shin Akuma (SE) Lost to GodShot, Corrosive
13th Abonimable (ZA) Lost to Demon Hyo, Renegade
13th Damien (DI) Lost to Eric Kim, Epsilon
13th PhillyOne (CA) Lost to Moose, Slogan
17th Mr Mamation (DI)
17th Gamma
17th BBHood (RY)
17th Faight (GO)
17th DevilJin (VI)
17th Masaka (AB)
17th JetPhi (BX)
17th Dave Wright (GU)
25th VR
25th Choujin
25th Robyrt
25th Chris Li
25th JustingRotron (RU) (lost to Corrosive, Damien)
25th Tzakiel (left early)
25th Cameron
25th Julien
33rd Eggwong (Rage quit after 1st round loss to DevilJin)

Tourney started around 230 pm. Ended about 630 pm. Had 4 PS3’s and 2 Xbox’s. I actually took a little more time than I needed to for breaks and such. No real drama about which system was being played on.

No venue fee, 10$ pizza buffet, beer and some pretty nice weather for quite awhile. The tourney area was a tarped off section of the restaurant outside. Really an awesome time and I have a lot of fun. Expect more of these in the future.

And next time, drink more.

As there shouldn’t be any more.

Also how many of you guys left tips? Them girls cleaned up after us, got us drinks, and brought out all the pizza. Have a heart for the mexican girls, just keep sharpies away from them.


Welcome back robin :slight_smile: i gonna add u to my xbox

I put money in the tip jar when that was out for that short period of time. Keep me posted for any other events, it was good fun.

i used zangief and ryu.

fun tourney. besides it being hella cold and me wearing shorts.

ggs to all who i played, and thanks to everyone for coming out. good hamburger/fries too.

God Like Moment of this tournament. Clutch headbutt that sends Chun out of the screen over the timer. Somehow juggled her with Ultra. Was Unbelievable!
Dr Chaos. Your Ken Is very good, Stick with Him

Next team Tourney I Want you and Eric Kim lol!!!

Bet It. Ken Balrog Sagat. Sounds Like Money!

Lots of cool cats on the list, unfortunate I wasn’t able to make it.

Congrats Steve H, must have took some serious FOCUS to beat kimmiks.

Dr Chaos, stop repeating your curse!!! LOL!!!

-I was playing way better then the other times though lol, im not sure if they recorded the loser finals between us but the winners Semis between us was pretty good too. Neutral State! Steve H was solid though, I got to give it to him he earned his wins :slight_smile:

  • Moose man! This guy literally had me trapped in the corner with rogs roundouse, I thought I was fighting bison for a second. Was scared to make a move lol.

GGs to everyone, had alot of fun.

Yo, I had a great time today. Big ups to Renegade for hosting a awesome tourny. It was GDLK, sir! Also good shit too Steve Harrison for taking 1st. Way to represent your home state! I’ve yet to play you in any game, hopefully that will change next time. Nice to see DJ and BBhood make an appearance too. Haven’t played you DJ in a minute. Next time we’re gonna have to play a couple of matches. Don’t worry I will not rage quit on you. Good shit to Eric Kim, Epsilon, and Renegade for placing top 8, though. Hopefully next tournament I can say the same about myself. To Moose, your Boxer is very good. Next time you’re around it would be my pleasure for you to stomp my Seth. I need all the Boxer training I can get. He’s become my #1 priority of characters to know and understand. Just might pick him up to do so.

Good shit to Godshot and Corrosive for knocking me out of the tourny. I’ll take every loss as a learning experiance and apply it for next time. All and all it was a terrific tourny and if you missed it then you just missed out.

Also, I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t leave a tip for the girls. Not because I’m cheap, but because I was broke from yesterdays tourny. Besides I think $10.50 was quite enough for 2 slices of pizza and a cup of soda.

I tipped what I had, but that was about $3.

In retrospect, the amount of pizza I actually ate for the price I paid was severely disproportionate. I had one slice and one drink. Whatever, I hit up that popeyes right after for some manly food.

I think me and Choujin each ate a whole pizza. I get my moneys worth sir…

Good shit to everyone.

When they said “buffet”, I wasn’t expecting pizza only. I think I pissed off the lady behind the counter over the drinks. Way more soda than I’m used to. Thanks to Masaka for having me and Gamma over for casuals, and for all the advice given about getting shit started in COVA. That’s right, COVA… aaaaanyway.

I had a great learning experience, I need to improve my Sagat and Gief skills, but I’m only gonna get stronger. See you all at the next event!

COVA : the “other” Virginia

Sorry about the “buffet” not being shoney’s or anything… I really wasn’t aware what they were going to bring out.

All you can eat pizza for 10 bucks isn’t bad though.

You should ask Damien for some anti gief tips, he got me pretty good in the team tourney.

Oh yeah:

Apparently a bunch of kids left after their first loss. The vast majority of tournaments are double elimination. And losing at tournaments is not a big deal if you’re new to the scene. You’ll never get better if you always ragequit.

This dude ragequit in real life. He knew it was double elim, but stated that since he was there to win, he would leave if he lost his first match.

wow, ragequit? I haven’t seen that since…

lmao @ ragequit IRL.

I enjoyed being out there and meeting some of you! I did leave early, had some work come up and had to get it done today, and I actually though it was single elim for some reason. Luckily I wasn’t considered a ragequit… lol at that! The guy who beat me did a fine job and I’ve no ill will, that’s for sure. I came for fun, and knew I’d be likely to lose.

As I said in the other thread, I just moved to Chantilly and we have built a nice 120" screen 1080P dedicated home theater in the basement. Lots of open space down there too… maybe for a future get-together for casuals or another tournament. If you guys promise not to trash the house.