3/29 OMIA's pub SF4 Singles. Sterling/Herndon Northern VA


Singles tournament the day after C3’s team tourney! This is on a Sunday.

I highly encourage out of towners coming for C3 to stick around an extra day for this singles tourney! It’s an SF4 only event, so it should be a smooth and quickly run tournament!

1015 Dranesville Road
Herndon, VA 20170-2004

Show up 12-1pm.

-Double Elim, best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds.
-10$ Entry
-60/30/10 split.
-Primarily Xbox, but there will be PS3 setups.
-All console characters allowed.

A couple of weeks ago we had the local gamestop tourney at this place and the owner was down with hosting more events.

This is a restaurant and bar. There is no venue fee, but you are encouraged to eat and drink.(i.e. please do to support the restaurant) The menu is Italian/Greek.


Please post up if you’re willing to bring a setup, the more the merrier.

Also, RSVP if you’re coming!


me and jag will be there


me and eric kim will be there


If somebody let’s me stay with them after C3, I’ll show for this too.


fixed. OG av, cool:cool:


hmm. hav can stay at my house, sure. Can’t turn into a hotel though, the family and all. Other people who live really close include Dave Wright, Slogan, and N-Ken.
People who live about 15 minutes away are ramza, mamation, and bartlett that I know of


Aw man… this is gonna be gdlk. C3-> IHOP-> Robin’s to beat up on XBL scrubs-> SF4 bar tournament!

What a weekend.


no venue fee!>! ill do my best to be there and support





This tourney is going to be freaking hype. I hope people stay in the area after C3 and come to this tourney too.


SF4 only is a tragedy.


Sorry about that. 3S isn’t exactly the draw it used to be though. SF4 gets people to come out an dplay.


At a bar? Damn, I guess all of us underage, up and comers are excluded.


lol, just saw this, I live in sterling fellas,so if you guys wanna do some practice games just hit me up,I have it on both systems( just bring your own controller)hehe. Ill show up at this event aswell.



It’s at a Pub/Restaurant, but you’re allowed to participate if you’re under 21.

You just have to be 21 to drink that’s all.

It’s just like any Pub/Bar in Virginia, they have to primarily sell food.


Moose has confirmed for this tourney.


I have about 4 more people coming to this and they will be joining aswell.


They got names so I can put them on the list?


I got sai5t, Migs,pigtails and seu and me.

  1. Renegade
  2. Havoc
  3. Moose
  4. Jaguar
  5. Eric Kim
  6. Slogan
  7. Bullet1231
  8. David Jameson
  9. Sai5t
  10. Migs
  11. Pigtails
  12. Seu
  13. Iceman
  14. David Wright
  15. Faight (iraq Pat)
  16. Strogg
  17. Mr Mamation
  18. Gammadynamite
  19. Justingrotron
  20. VR_Raiden
  21. Keninblack
  22. Q.R.
  23. Toreus
  24. TheStreetman
  25. Lane
  26. Deviljin01
  27. Corrosive
  28. PuppetXmaster
  29. Rugal B
  30. Bmore Chun
  31. Krost
  32. Jetphi
  33. JB Nicholson (blackstar)


Looks like the VT crew including Iceman will be making it to this. As well as possibly David Wright.