(3/30/20) 8 on the Break Weekly #50

Another great tourney from the Break!

1: Rahsaan (Akuma)
1: Ryder (Abel)
3: SmoothViper (Zangief, Sagat)
4: MarlinPie
5: Trinidad GAT
5: KDZ
7: NBG Wetbucket
7: Chemist4Hire
9: Mike Infinite
9: Adnon
9: NBG Kazuya
9: Mahmoud
13: Quotes
13: Eugene
13: HackerMike
13: NBG DemonEyes

dammnn i actually missed it!

I was sleeping

Ryder, crushing out the competition! Making NJ proud!

Yo KDZ… What happened bro? :bgrin:

Evil R!!!

Ryder versus Rashaan must have been something special

between WF and LF I must have played 40 minutes of abel vs gief :rofl:.

that’s just…damn


40 minutes of gief is torture

I actually enjoy it, so long as I am on my feet :rofl:.