3/31 Cal Poly Pomona Tournament *OFFICIAL DATE AND THREAD*

Tournament is GOING ON Mar 31st…

Cal Poly Gameroom/The Gre/with much help from me acting as the voice of the community presents this fucking tournament coz we know youre all hungry as fuck for this shit.

as usual doors open at 12. signups until 1PM

parking is free on weekends… BRING FOOD

unless Marc makes another thread, heres the gist.

games are CvS2/3s/MvC2/ST/KOFXI/T5:DR

all games are 2/3 dbl elim except for CvS2 which will be 2/3 winners, 1 game losers…

CVS2 will BE CAPPED at 32 because there is ONLY 1 machine.

im going to go ahead and assume NONE of the tekken players are going to AZ. so here you go. show up. Im also going to assume kof will be cancelled because it will be K4 and random fob entering and nobody else.

for now, $5 entry fee per game, but well discuss this as the tourney approaches…

no drama please… <3

hardddddduuu gayyyyyyyyyyyy
love it

i’ll see about showing up i think its my little bros b-day that day

Count me in. 3s again.

im there

anybody want money matches on Do Don Pachi (Airplane Shoot Em Up Game)

Highest score on 1 quarter wins.

awww man…no hyper fighting???

depends if RC wants to throw another tournament, lol


Yeah, Nam pretty much covered everything.

hey this is ray atruevato is no longer my name, ill try and show up this time with my console set up guys for a marvel side team tourney like bill mentioned last time iirc. but yea i will bring two sticks im wiling to let ppl use em if they dont have theirs. so bring your own that way u wont have to adapt to mine n shit. see you all there peace!!

p.s. and nam nice avatar haha

if you bring a setup ill pay your marvel entry fee.

alright sounds dope but which marvel tourney? the side team tourney or the reg one on one? preferrably pay for my single man entree, i appreciate the offer nam thank you. and why the fuck do i have a red block alrdy i just registered today! but yea now im REALLY gonna try n come to this shit. But theyre might be a chance i wont be there cuz i just got a new job n i start next week. but nam should we do 2v2 or 3v3 for my setup? i would preferrably like it to be 2v2 seeing as how long it would take and i need a damn partner. [i’ve stepped my game up so ill b open for $ matches] ill bring a tv its 14 n a half inches, my dc, memo card, n 2 of my sticks that i will let ppl use if they dont have theirs. i just fixed my sticks today so theyre in top notch condition. so does this sound good nam? or were u just being sarcastic as usual? haha

nah foo… ill pay for your marvel singles entry if you bring a setup.
just dont get peoples hopes up and flake like last time.

2x2 or 3x3 it doesnt matter to me… whatever everybody else wants…
regardless, hope to see you there.

yea last time my ride left me dude my bad… i mean it aint my fault but im still apologizing. But anyways im starting a new job on Monday, so i will try to make it dude. IF keyword IF i come i am bringing all of my shit everything i listed. Imma do my best to come to this…

The Clockw0rk Vs Dark Prince money match WILL go down at this tournament.

this will go on before the tournament, so if you want to see this shit, show up BEFORE 1230… im not shitting you.

is it possible to set up a side tourney? maybe a slash one perhaps?

this tourney will be crazy

ur avatar is even crazier!

weve tried this before…

i lugged a goddam 28 inch tv/ps2/sticks/slash because certain members of the GGXX/ community wanted me to for a tournament…

and that day, 5 ppl signed up.

im sorry, but unless GG community steps up, im done trying to help.

i’ll be there with 3 guests