3/31 Cal Poly Pomona Tournament *OFFICIAL DATE AND THREAD*

first off, lets have a HF tourney :slight_smile: secondly, there better not be any fucking drama in this money match with dpc and clock. rules are as follows, all money bet will be held by someone who is trusted by both sides and all money bet accounted for prior to the match. no shit talking from people watching and no coaching allowed under any circumstances. after the match, handshake is mandatory and win or lose, no fighting. see you all there, pz


im not sure if Ronnie is still gonna run HF, but I promise you HF heads it will be ran if there is enough interest.

aka… watts needs gas money

is there gonna be another marvel machine, or can they move the marvel machine to a more spaced out area? that match is gonna be dope.

Count me in as usual for 3s.

hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaarrrrdddddddd gaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

We’re gonna need some VIIIIDS

sigh lol lemme check prices for a weekend in cali. ill try n show up just to hype this up

money mike. that would be dope if you showed up.

i know shit is time off work and money, so its all good if you dont show.

this time it nearly wont be hot as fuck as the last time you came down.

Your avatar is already hot enough nam! :rofl:

Yo Mike fuck That Im there to, Niggas know I’ll go StandBy AirTrans AllDay

shit sounds hype dawgs, cant wait. how much is darkprince playing clock for anyways?

1000 minimum.

Go with 2v2, it won’t take as long for one, and a lot more interesting. With 3v3, you might as well give the 1st and 2nd place money to dipset (potter/bill/albert), nsj/james games/super arcade (DarkPrince/reset/ace/mike ross/magnus), 3rd place to an ffa team or team regency/irvine.

over a fucking video game? WOW marvel IS the life now. GG son

and evil j, i agree keep it 2v2 then. good observation

bizzy-bump bitches.

this should be a really hype tourney for marvel heads.

The casual cartel will be at this tournament to have a chat with strider hiryu about our red bars and play some games.

come on time please. San Diego is sorta notorious for this. and i apologize if youre getting worked up over neg rep, which doesnt really DO anything.

lol… i blame sodasic for directing all the premium members to your thread.

we don’t have anything against you. we don’t even know you lol. we’re down for the games tho.

Yo do you have the full sized pic from your av?

Count me in for trying to take out Ryan this tourney.