3/31 King of NC 3 - T5:DR Tourny


Well, its about that time again. Formerlly known as the NC Iron-Skill Competition, the King of NC Tournament will be held March 31st at North Carolina State University’s Wolves Den. Anyone who came last time will remember a well organized well, run tournament. With over 40 people we had over 4 stations and were done in a matter of 2-3 hours easily.

Double Elimination
3/5 Rounds - 2/3 Games
3/5 Game Semis, 4/7 Games Finals

12pm-1pm. We will start as close to on time as possible. Get their early. We are having a 64 man cap which may or may not be a problem, but each time I’ve had one, the attendance has doubled.

  • Venue Fee - $10 Non-NCSU Students, $5 NCSU Students.
    -Tournament Entry - $10

***We are in need of PS3’s (w/ DR on them) TV’s and converters. If you bring these I can waive your venue fee. But you should sign up here, b/c after I get three or four this offer is closed. So let me know if you plan on bringing something. ***


  • BYOC/Converter - By that time DR should be out in the US as well as the stick converters. Somebody else MIGHT let you use theirs, but its doubtful, so bring your own and KEEP UP WITH IT! We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen equipment.
  • No pausing or Reseting the match. A paused match will be reviewed by the judge. If no player had any significant advantage, the offending player will be given a warning. If so, that player will lose that round. For a reset match, the offender may forfeit that game depending on the scenario (how much of the match had been played, who had the advantage, etc.)
  • Be an adult. No execcessive roughness, or language. Maintaining a good reputation with the university is essential to holding future events.
  • No Drama: Along with the above rule we will NOT hesitate to call security if you
    act a fool.
  • Jinpachi Banned
  • Do your Best. If it is determined that you are throwing a match you will be ejected from the whole tournament. If two or more players seem to be in agreement on throwing the match or settling for a tie, both players will be ejected (finals or not).

The wolve’s Den is an ideal venue. In the late afternoon it opens up to provide its patrons with a large selection of food for sale (cheese steaks, fries, burgers, chicken tenders, etc.) TV’s will be arranged in an open set up and marked with a number or letter, players and organizers will be able to easily see whats happening and where to go.

Directions & Accomodations

  • Check back for details

This is North Carolina’s premier Tekken tournament series. If you’re from this great state, you would be doing yourself a disservice to miss out on this event. If you’re from out of state, come and compete against the great state of NC has to offer. I’m working on a way to get the vids capped and posted as well.

Check back for more details. Pre-register so we can get an estimate of how many people to expect as wells as to build up hype for the event.

Pre Registration List

  1. Ryan Davis “Raiden” / Winston-Salem, NC
  2. Travis Jones “Boss Jones” / Winston-Salem, NC
  3. Bryan Bigelow / Winston-Salem, NC
  4. Andrew McWhorter “Masamuna” / Douglasville, GA
  5. The_Professor / VA
  6. The Rody-O Kid / VA
  7. Young Gotti - VA
  8. Demorris "Silent Symphony / Raleigh, NC
  9. Jeremy Gowin "Victory Blows / Raleigh, NC
  10. LOC / VA
  11. Kissin A Tree / MD
  12. LTrav2k / GA
  13. Quinton Gray “GrayFox” / Greenville, NC
  14. Daniel “Drunken_Dragon” / Raleigh, NC
  15. David Vicens “Kasht” / Durham, NC (PR 4 Life)
  16. Gods Spartan / Monroe, NC
  17. JustBlazeItUp / GA
  18. Red Dragon / Monroe, NC
  19. ryan cadiente “RyRy” / Virginia Beach, Va

Promotional Artwork
KNC3 Logo
KNC3 Official Flyer
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