3/31 Third Strike and GGXX tournaments (and 4 more)in NYC, free with prizes

We’ve got 6 tournaments lined up this year at our convention.

Magic: The Gathering
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Guilty Gear XX
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Dance Dance Revolution

All of these will have prizes that you can win. Our convention’s name is the Spring Festival, and it’s the third that we’ve run.

The Spring Festival will be held on March 31, the last
Saturday of the month. It’ll be from 10 AM-8 PM, and it’ll occupy 8
rooms in Polytechnic University (directions to Polytechnic will be given later). We’ll have lots of great anime to
show you, plenty of prizes to give out, and tons of interesting
original events.

What kind of original events?

Anime Karaoke - Now you’re the star! Sing your favorite music (any
song at all) on a real karaoke set.
Live Dubbing - What if you were a voice actor in a dubbed anime?
LOL, Internet! - The internet is a funny place. Come and enjoy some of
the Internet’s best humor.
Game Development - Learn how to develop your own games with a powerful
and easy-to-use engine.
Ramune Drinking Contest - How many bottles of Ramune can you open and
drink in 3 minutes?
M:TG Tutorial - Learn the basics of Magic: The Gathering, one of the
most popular games in the world.
Anime Jeopardy - A two-hour quiz show about everything anime! Test
your knowledge for prizes.
Doujin Games - Ever wondered about those games made by a small,
independent team with a lot of heart? Learn about them here (includes
Touhou Project Games)
Mecha RPGs - You can be in an epic war story, with three factions
fighting for control of space with their Gundams. Learn about the game
and how you can become a player.
can you get? How hot can your blood become? With Prizes!
Anime Improv - Ever seen “Who’s line is it Anyway”? Play it with an
anime spin. Find out what happens if Goku and Bobobo met at a pizza
store in the 1930’s?

We’ll have a complete schedule up for you soon. You can bring as many
friends as you like with you to either event - more is always merrier,
especially when you’re at an anime convention. If you can’t make it
for this Saturday, I hope to see you at our main event on March 31st.

If you have any issues, suggestions, concerns, messages, or poems,
feel free to send me an email at zeroflowne@gmail.com, and I’ll try to respond as best I can.

I look forward to facing some of you in 3rd Strike. See you soon!

BTW, we’re also going to be running a smaller event this Saturday (The 17th), in which we’ll be gaming from 12-8. It’s also free (but no prizes), and should be a fun chance to play fighting games against other people.

Hey, everyone! The schedule is up for viewing at www.pasweb.info . Hope to see you next Saturday!

All of our following tournaments will be run in the following fashion.

Finals - Best 4 of 7 games

Semifinals - Best 3 of 5 games

Quarterfinals - Best 2 of 3 games

All other matches - Best 1 of 1

Tournament was fun, however i have a few suggestions for next time.

  • Please start the 3S tourney earlier. 2 hours (6-8pm closing time) is simply not long enough time for the 20-30 entrants that were there. At least an hour earlier would’ve been great. That way we wouldn’t need to rush ourselves at the end when ppl were cleaning up and everything.

  • With all that additional time, please make it a DOUBLE ELIMINATION tourney. I know it was single elimination for time purposes, but this could’ve been all avoided if an extra hour or so was devoted to running the tourney. P.S. I hate the single elimination format. -_- If anything…why not run 2 tourneys simulatenously (like, for example have 3S start during the last hour of Smash finals – and after they’re done, we’ll move onto the projector screen ) just so we get more time in doing the double elimination matches.

  • Get an extra TV or two devoted specifically for Loser’s Bracket and practice matches for whatever tourney game is running at the time (ie. 3S, GGXX, Smash, etc). This would cut down on time and allow the brackets to run more smoothly. Plus, everyone likes having a few warm up matches while waiting for their turn to be called up. The lounge was big enough to hold like, 7-8 TVs for casuals so why not have an extra TV dedicated for tourney play as well? Just my 2 cents.