3/4/06 James Games can you beat down David Lee? Tourney Results

1st Me with scrub/msp/row
2nd bagnus aka bill mss drones
3rd Potter with s/s/cable/scrub/mst
4th Albert (pigadoken) santhrax all day
5th Caesar w santhrax/Mike Ross w cable/storm/IM-santhrax

good shit…me and bill in the grand finals was hot shit

Highlights: Ducjr. looses first set and punches the wall
Thomas beats Jr.B but Jr. goes on a streak in loosers bracket
Rick threatens to take machienes off event mode if the swearing and hype continues
David Lee does not attend…and ummm im very tired

Maybe next time when i throw another hames tourney I can get more people. This was a great turnout lots of people for marvel but im not gonna list that whole long ass bracket…Good Shit to everyone that made it…GGPO

what happened to third strike?

What the hell?! Justin won a tournament? Good shit =]


EDIT: Junior B is still alive?

good shit duc shit was hype and fun although i dont agree with the sticks…:arazz:

good games 2:dominic bill wes nam and mike ross shit was a FUN match up i think i have a new way to play now thx mike

Good shit.

Bill got hyphy.
Next time printed brackets would work better. :slight_smile:

hahahaha good shit thomas/jr b/and mike ross

and of course justin for taking the whole damn tourney!

gj rick for treating them like 2nd graders with no cussing :looney:

Good shit to everyone there. I didnt even think there was really a tournament goin down but bill wasn’t playin. So many people there it was great. With that said, Bill aka Bagnus has the best M/S/S in the world. Don’t question it. It’s the truth.


even i agree…

good shit duc jr.

lol at the avatar.

BILL IS READY FOR ANYTHING. I got confidence on this duke shittin on any/everyONE

Dope tourney gg’s to everybody that I played, especially Duc in KI, Albert, Junior, Potts, and that tall ass guy who was playing 3s my bad that I didn’t get your name.

Fucken best match of the tourney wasn’t Bill and DucJr, it was me against Y2J now that match was fucken Hype haha.

It was good seeing everyone again , hella goodtimes…

somebody get bill a muzzle.
somebody get jally a leash.

EC not ready for that team tourney.

this tourny was fun and i was really surprised at how the owner was nice with fixing shit and not really bitching about the whole tournament.

congratulations on the win duc jr. the real win was having millionaire duc do pay for the bill at denny’s. hahaha

ya Jal that denny’s shit was pretty halarious, I took DucSr’s credit card and even signed his name and they didn’t care…:rofl: :lol: gg’s to everyone also :woot:

thomas: “he deserved to win” referring to bagnus. :wonder:

gj justin you truley have a higher sentinaaaaaaaaaal :wgrin:

oh i get yet, yall couldn’t tell somebody that denny’s was the place to be?! you’re racist duc!

Good shit to Duc Jizzunior (no homo)

Good Shit to the Dip$ aka the smiles on the rocks with the icecube blocks aka the diplomats of the year! =]

And good shit to the rest of the peeps

<3 Socal


P.S. Imma try to make it to the next James Games tourney =].

ima try to go to the next one too