3/4/06 James Games can you beat down David Lee? Tourney

games to be played MvC2- double elimination $5 entry fee… ya you know the fuckin rules by now…same for 3rd Strike…cause lets see we have two 3s cabs now, and I’m sure somebody is gonna want Xmen vs Sf tourney so ill throw that too…ummm its FFA’s turn to come play us now…There will be money matches!!! so bring those bills. So who is gonna be there from our side…me/davidL/DucSr./Potter/Reset/Bill/Jal/plenty other hames people i don’t feel like listing…so FFA whats really good…can you handle team Hames!!!..cause I don’t think so…:looney: :looney: so i spoke with fanatiq and he says ffa is down…so Hames vs FFA hahaha lets do it!!! Tourneys to start this saturday(3/4/06) at 9pm may delay start till 10…Post if your coming so i can get an idea of how many people are down…wrap

what the fuck are you on crack. anyways im not going to jamesgames its too germ-fested, fuck that. the homies can come down to my pad and play mvc2. how does MAME work? im thinking about finally buying a dreamcast + arcade stick so i can handle.

EDIT: I will find out if I am going this fri.

fanatiq was making jokes about having to use your elbow to air dash lk
cause the buttons are spaced so far for mvc2. HAHHAA we’ll talk about it on friday FFA disscussion.

the sticks are a lot better than they used to be

dipset will be taking money matches


Dave you can’t fight hames…hes just high right now…:rofl:

lets just have like a team tourney, my team is Me/Duc/Reset/DucJr./Buff Mike

sigh, i really hate the sticks at hameys, but i need practice. So, i’ll be there. All i know is we need some casual post-tourney BILL. So you can get served

I get pizzaid on fridizzay. BRing the money matches ffa/hameys.

ill be there

loser of mm’s have to go next door and eat that nasty ass sushi =D

jowl rly?

edit- forgot about the ranbat this sat, anyways good luck participants and try not to feed emo/goth people that are there 24/7 :confused:

yo is this tourney out for the public? like can i come and crash just to watch. i might be able to come if it is. peace


Man I’d love to come but I can’t miss ranking battle at FFA.

I’ll prob be there if i can get a ride.

im still deciding wether i should go on a date or to this…? hmmmmm

the date! :lovin:

operation james hames is a no go. Team is in corn flakes. sigh

I think I’ll be there with 949