3/4/11 MvC3 Tournament, James Games Arcade, Socal/ Upland


James Games will be holding a MvC3 Tourney this Friday. This thread should answer some of your questions.

How Much?: $8, $3 Venue + $5 Entry Fee. 100% of the entry fees will go to the pot.

How Much Will I Win?: The Pot will be split 70/20/10 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

What Time?: Sign ups will start between 8-9pm, Tournament will start at 9pm.

Where the fuck is James Games???: 364 W Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA, 91786-3851.

Whats the format?: Double Elimination. Matches are Best 2 out of 3. Loser may change teams winner must stay with the same team.

Who is running the Tournament?: Not me. Stephen Tracy aka Steve The Pirate will be running this event. I’m just posting it for him.

Why does my penis bend to the left?: Don’t worry curvature of the penis is very common for men, but jerkin off with your opposite hand wouldn’t hurt.

Why does it burn when I urinate?: You may have come into contact with some dirty vagina. Call your Doctor as soon as possible to set an appointment.

Hope u all have a great time at JG this sat since i will most likely not be in attendance. GET HYPE!!!


GGs to everyone I played but this tourney sucked dick.

  1. Noticeable TV lag on the only setup there. Rick, I don’t give a flying shit if "your setup is beautiful,’ it’s a fucking laggy pile of crap to me if there’s input lag. No secondary CRT setup, which made the tourney of 20 ppl take forever.

  2. Both sticks were fucking garbage. I normally don’t mind, cuz most tournies like AI or FFA give you the option of using your own stick if you dont like their setup. Not this one, I had to use their stiff ass controls and questionable buttons the whole time.

  3. Now this is probably the main reason why I’m a little ticked. I got 3rd place out of 20…don’t I at least get my damn entry fee back? It says so right in the opening post (“10% OF POT”). Sketchy ass shit, fuck you guys.

FFA>James Games


I would like to apologize on my own behalf for your experience with James Games. I am both sorry and upset for the handling of prize pay out. I was informed by Stephen Tracy that pay out would be the standard 70/20/10. As to why this didn’t happen is news to me. I am trying to get into contact with Stephen to find out the details. I advised Stephen to take control of the entry money to keep rick out of the equation since he seems to be the problem when ever pay out issues arise at JG. Whether or not he did so is unknown to me as I wasn’t there. As for the set up, I completely agree with you. The setup is ASS. The T.V. is noticeably laggy and the buttons go out ALL THE TIME. I hope that future events are coordinated and executed in a more professional manner. I did what I could to build a respectable, competitive and trusting tournament atmosphere with the SF4 community at James Games. It is a shame to see the next guy take that and destroy it. I truly believe that the quality of this event wasn’t afflicted by set ups or the handling of prize pay out but the inexperience of the tournament organizer.


I just got into contact with Stephen and was told the decision to only pay out to 1st and 2nd was his own. When asked why he said it was because of the amount that 3rd would get (only $6). I informed him on the ethics of tournament organizing and the severity of changing things like pay out during the course of the event. I hope this problem doesn’t arise again.

@ Mooyang90: I would like to again apologize for your time at James Games. I will gladly pay you the 3rd place winning you should have received myself. If you would like PM me and we can get this resolved.