3/6/10 VCU Fight Club Tournament @Strange Matter! Richmond, VA


Hosted by VCU Fight Club!

Where: located at
Strange Matter
929 W Grace St
Richmond VA

For pics, menu, games list, check out:

Strange Matter is a Restaurant/Bar/Old school arcade!

If you get what I’m saying. Be kind to the hosts.

Coin Op Games List
Altered Beast, Bad Dudes, Battle Shark, Golden Axe, Lethal Enforcers, Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat , Ninja Gaiden, Smash TV, Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, WWF Superstars

Tournament Games!
SF4 (Xbox/PS3) 10$
Tekken 6 (PS3) 10$
TvC (wii) 5$
HDR ( Xbox/PS3) 5$

Date: Saturday 3/6/2010 at 1pm, Registration starts at 12 BE ON TIME

Double elim 2 of 3. WF/LF/GF are 3 of 5.

Special Rules

Tekken 6:
Games are 3 of 5 rounds

Burning Ruins can be reselected automatically.

Akuma is banned

This is VCU Fight Club’s first event this semester! Let’s make it a good one!

Im going to see if I can make it down for this

This indeed looks quite superb.

I’m coming solely for the Altered Beast tournament.

WWF Superstars side tourney. Who’s in?

fuck yeah golden axe

Smash TV?

I will try my best to make it…

Should be able to make this.


i will body anybody in altered beast. last longer bets all day. nigga you aint gettin no power ups. i dont care if we dont make it out the level. you aint gettin no power ups.


BTW. Strange Matter just got its ABC license… So feel free to drink beers at the tournament.

I’ll be there with a 360/possibly a Wii setup.

I’ll be dropping in for the old school games. Nightshift sucks :frowning:

Really? I know they had been waiting on that, that’s good shit for them.

BTW last time I was there I got to level 3 in Bad Dudes on 1 quarter. I’m bad!

OK listen up peeps.

This place has a good chance to be a great venue, and with more/newer cabs, a great arcade. The location has been rotated quite often among different businesses. So it’d be great to give the place some love and keep it around.

Also, if you have some beers and need to crash a my place, that’s cool, I live 5 blocks away. Just bring a pillow and a sleeping bag.

unlikely that i can make this one, but the venue seems pretty cool. i’ll take off for the next one for sure

hmmmm…might be possible i can come up for this after my exam.

Thinking about it…

youre too young to understand the greatness of smash tv.

UGH. lets do it… i rape altered beast. No one wants it in Bad Dudes with me, and Lethal Enforcers is a WRAP.