3/6/2010 Strange Matter Tourney Results by VCU Fight Club. Richmond VA

1 Ludovic “LUD” Mbock Waldorf, MD 4 $150.00
2 William “moose” hummel Richmond, VA 1 $75.00
3 Ryry 5 $25.00
4 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA 3 $0.00
5 Eric “Ramza” Kim Fair Oaks, VA 2 $0.00
5 Matt “Enigma” Jordan Richmond, VA 22 $0.00
7 The Drizzle 6 $0.00
7 Nick “Winback” N. Virginia Beach, VA 15 $0.00
9 Corey “Debaser” Caudill Richmond, VA 14 $0.00
9 Christian Brenke Richmond, VA 16 $0.00
9 Kyle “MasterFresh” Scroggins Waldorf, MD 18 $0.00
9 David Rasnake MD 19 $0.00
13 Joe “Chocobo” Van Pelt Richmond, VA 7 $0.00
13 Pierre “FlyingMonkey” Phan Richmond, VA 9 $0.00
13 Taylor Wyscarver Richmond, VA 11 $0.00
13 John “Darkjin” Anglada Richmond, VA 24 $0.00
17 Raghav “Technical” Veluri Williamsburg, VA 10 $0.00
17 Chris Wong Richmond, VA 12 $0.00
17 Joe Conilio NOVA 13 $0.00
17 Everett “Arcas V” Turner Blacksburg 17 $0.00
17 Jamal “M.Fear” Fowler Charlottesville, VA 20 $0.00
17 Dave “G0est” Mayo Richmond, VA 21 $0.00
17 Jonathan “SpectreGeneral” Updike Richmond, VA 23 $0.00
17 Channing “Vamp454” Batiste Petersburg, VA 25 $0.00
25 Zach Smith Richmond, VA 8 $0.00

Tekken 6
1 Ryry 1 $90.00
2 Nick “Winback” N. Virginia Beach, VA 7 $45.00
3 Tyrone Cleveland Richmond, VA 4 $15.00
4 Steven Huynh Richmond, VA 2 $0.00
5 Ludovic “LUD” Mbock Waldorf, MD 5 $0.00
5 Charlie Kim Richmond, VA 12 $0.00
7 Ferdinand “NewType” Motley Richmond, VA 8 $0.00
7 Diman Richmond, VA 14 $0.00
9 Justin “Johnny5Optimus” Davis Richmond, VA 6 $0.00
9 Ron Johnson Richmond, VA 10 $0.00
9 John “Darkjin” Anglada Richmond, VA 13 $0.00
9 Jonathan “SpectreGeneral” Updike Richmond, VA 15 $0.00
13 Pierre “FlyingMonkey” Phan Richmond, VA 3 $0.00
13 Will “Xeroma” Cozy Richmond, VA 9 $0.00
13 Tim Crouche Richmond, VA 11 $0.00

1 Ryry 4 $24.00
2 Nick “Winback” N. Virginia Beach, VA 6 $12.00
3 Corey Caudill Richmond, VA 7 $4.00
4 Will “Xeroma” Cozy Richmond, VA 2 $0.00
5 Everett “Arcas V” Turner Blacksburg 1 $0.00
5 Channing “Vamp454” Batiste Petersburg, VA 8 $0.00
7 Christopher Brenke Richmond, VA 3 $0.00
7 Matt Concepcion Richmond, VA 5 $0.00

1 Ryry 5 $15.00
2 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA 1 $7.00
3 Everett “Arcas V” Turner Blacksburg 4 $2.00
4 Eric “Ramza” Kim Fair Oaks, VA 2 $0.00
5 Dave “G0est” Mayo Richmond, VA 3 $0.00

good shit lud

Wish I could have made it, couldn’t get a hold of anyone in NoVA that was going.

Nice win, Lud.

Robin, were you the one that played Eric Kim for 4th? Zangief vs Akuma or Sagat?

No. Eric Kim was on the other side. I used Tonamento, and it seeded me third, and I managed to avoid most of the killers and ended up 4th. Fluke of a double elim bracket.

Brackets are here:


Good Shit LUDDDD!!! You’ve deserved this for a while man! Remember what Dae said! :tup:

Mastercrash >< lol but yeah good shit from Lud, ryry, moose, and Eric Kim! I’m glad I was able to do so well for coming back to the game after like 5-6 months lol but I had fun. I’m back and I’m here to get better!

Great job Lud!

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.


Sorry I couldent go guys.

Maybe next time I will bring that 3s magic.

Uhh, i actually got 3rd in TvC.

gs Lud takin sf4.

gs ry takin everythin else haha.

robin great tourney as usual… that venue was pretty nice… lud good shit winning it and moose for taking me out twice you asshole. and robin sorry for fist pumping your rog a million times in hdr :rofl:

good games to everyone…the tourney was a lot of fun…and it was actually my first sf4 top 8…look out Eric my gouken is gonna get you next time!!! Lud Moose and Ryry good shit as usual!!

Fun tournament, sweet venue. Hope there are more here in the future! GGs to everyone I got to play, I had a good time.

good shit, ryry.

Awesome tournament, had a lot of fun. It was nice to meet a bunch of new people, the venue was great, and I had some good matches. Played like ass in Tekken though, gotta work on that :confused:

Family issues kept me outta this one. Sounded like a blast. Hope u do another soon.

Good stuff Lud I’m really going to get you next time! Your mine I was so close. Just wait til super comes out and I take you out with a real Gentleman:). Dudley…

Fun tourney and nice venue. Met some new people (Diman, VA_king, Xeroma), learned much, and had a lot of laughs. Spectre, fun hanging out as always. Whenever you can come down to SoVA we’ll try to run an obscure-game tourney at the same time. 'Till next time.

Keep up the events, Richmond.