3/6 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron


3/6 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron Results
We had a pretty decent turn out at Cybertron today…

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Rowtron
  2. Mike Pungzujarit “Pungza” Santhrax , Blackheart/storm/t.bonne
  3. Ray Velez Magneto/Storm/Dr.Doom
  4. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” MSP, Team Scrub
  5. Harry Roman “trunksss3” Sentinel/Magneto/Capcom , MSP
  6. John “Hadouken King” MSP
  7. Ricardo Chorrillos “Desperado” Cable/Sent/Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Team Results:

  1. Brett & Javier “Team Queens College”
  2. John & Pungza “Team Asian”
  3. Harry & Ray “Team Linkin Park”

-Brett beating Harry in a MSP Money match…
-Ray beating Brett for money in Low tiers…
-Brett Recording almost every match of tournament…
-John beasting on Brett’s MSP in the first match but Brett coming back to win the set…
-Brett finally beating Harry in a tourney…
-Javier Beating Brett with Team Shoto 4-1


i had fun 2day chillin with ya. nice win javi and pungza showed everybody what he can do with storm :lol: :cool:

edit:i think i had my darkest day 2day in MvC2!!! i stay chokeing:(


ohh and brett i want my rematch soon this time i wont go soft on u:evil:


Good shit Harry, i’ll give you a rematch. Go soft on me? please- my team scrub is too good…lol :lol:

Oh yea, you owe me a dollar from our MSP money match:cool:


This tourney was great, it was more fun than the last one. Also, a decent turnout considering the shitty weather.


ohh 4 got i got u when i see u again:cool:

your team scrub is really going to be a scrub



hahahaahaha…I’ll give you a break I won’t pick team scrub…

I’ll rush you down with MSP instead.


I wonder when Lincoln will return to cybertron to beast or get beasted…


by me:D

wtf kinda team was pungza using? BH/storm/tronne?

PUNGZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lol stop the beasting


Matches are being uploaded to my site


I only have a couple up now, but soon I’ll have most of the good ones on there.


It was a great tourny except pungza beat me a little too much lol hes a beast though. It was madd fun and yo Brett my spiderman it Top tier and My MSP owns you for free lol.


good tournie every1. next time i will beast on brett’s MSP both rounds… haha

and yo brett, nice cable OCV too.

peace out


Good shit Ray…yea your MSP raped mine, but I got something for you next time :cool:

goals are important lol…next time i won’t underestimate you, and wait for you to mess up, i’ll be expecting you to play well.

btw that cable OCV is definitely getting uploaded




this was announced in the decepticons thread


whats up guys, how did brett place :eek: :lol: goodshit MAYBE next time i will make it if I feel like going to queens.


why do you even say ‘maybe’…you know you’re gonna ditch on the day of the tourney like you always do:lame:

my MSP > epyonx


And who reads the decepticons thread other then u guys?


:lol: nice one, you can hardly trijump :lame:

weak ass msp

shitraven I dont wanna hear it … freaking scrubs :confused: :bluu: :lol:


damn stop the beasting omg omg javi fucking air the beast that was crazy shit damn you are a beast damn those were some good matches brett load more of javi vs pungza and ray good shit i want to own you up i come back friday everybody this friday!!!