3/7/09 Street Fighter 4 Tournament/XBOX 360 Raffle Harrison, NJ


I deeply apologize for the bad news! When moving to the new store we couldn’t get the zoning right away, so legally we aren’t able to run the tournament. If we do and get caught we could get shut down by the town, the risk isn’t worth it. Once we get everything taken care of, I will post another date. Thank You.


cool man. you should have a decent turnout being that nyc is not to far from you guys


Thanks. We might move our location to Harrison which is one town over. The store might be near the Path Train so it will be even easier for the people coming from NY. It’s also near I-280 W and the Turnpike for those coming from diff parts of NJ.

Don’t forget guys we’re also giving away a Free X-Box 360 through a raffle everybody has a chance to win it.


We are moving to Harrison, NJ. Exact location hasn’t been confirmed yet.


I’m not sure if I can come, but you guys are final on only providing regular 360 pads?


dmbrandon/Old Bridge/NJ

Will be there.


yes you have to bring your own arcade stick or sf controller otherwise use the 360 controllers sorry


Hey Im interested in going to this tourney but where is it at exactly?..or you guys havent decided on a location yet?


is this particular tournament gonna be at 103 Broadway, Newark, NJ, 07104, or over @ harrison?


Over at Harrison. Address will be posted soon.


Well without being a dick how soon is soon?cuz im trying to get directions today