3/7/10 Console Warzone @ Power Play Gaming, Denville NJ

Big thanks to everyone who came out to another great Console Warzone event in Denville, NJ. Everything seemed to go smoothly except for me setting up the live stream. Big thanks to Cowman for helping me get at least the video and commentary going. My next and LAST event for Street Fighter 4 will be in Absecon, NJ at the Nerd Palace so come say farewell to the game that brought us some great memories.

After that, it’s on to Super.

If you haven’t already please subscribe to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/consolewarzone, I will be uploading a video of the tournament today.

So, here are the results courtesy on Tonamento.

23 Entrants

1 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP)
2 Evil Rahsaan (EMP)
3 Mike Infinite
4 Ninja Zephyr
5 Liston
5 Ryder (FYC)
7 DarthArma (FYC)
7 Cowman715
9 Darkknight
9 Elvis
9 MarlinPie (FYC)
13 Absolute Meyhem
13 Chemist for hire
13 NBG Demoneyes
13 Dayasha (EMP)
17 Dizzy
17 Delirium
17 NBG Wetbucket
17 Nvermore
17 GK
17 Onslaught
17 Knightx666

Ninja Zephyr good shit holding it down!

Here is the YouTube video of the tournament. I setup the venue a little bit better this time to have more space. Check it out (Damdia: Tonamento makes a guest appearance!)


Yo larry hold that shit down son

Good Shit Eric! Popping off everytime he beat Rahsaan.

Good Shit to Mike and Liston as well mike played the most solid that I’ve in a while. :tup:

Thanks I had a great time at a very well-run tourney. The community is awesome cuz players who are straight better than me give me tips and advice all the time like Liston, Arma, Ryder, Viper, Magman, and or course Philly. Otherwise I’d still be flowchartin.

Except when Fran yelled to throw that fireball against Rahsaan. And I did it instantly. And I died. Bad advice.

GS Ninja Zephyr hold it down for philly.

Was fun guys. Glad I went, I’m actually very happy in my spot in the tournament. I honestly don’t think that I’m great, but I will be starting to go around to tournaments. I still have the tourni jitters :frowning:

I did a lot better linking my Mk-dash-Hp when I got home haha.

Awesome cake too :open_mouth:

Hopefully I gave some advice to the other abel player who I forget his name

Are there any links to brackets? I honestly don’t know who I was up against most of the time (By name)

You can see the bracket here

you did, thank you. esp on the small character crouching reversal. i did not know that. ggs in the mirror match. i got obliterated, i couldnt seem to land my s. hp link all tourny ;P. look forward to the next one deluxe, hopefully ill be playing more this month before super. hopefully, ill take the smart route and start p-linking (never used it because i thought it was cheap)

Where are the vids?

The videos are going to be taken off the Justin.TV stream. The game audio on the stream was extremely low because I just didn’t have time to fix it and set it up but whatever.

I will upload them when I get a chance in the next couple days.

You can watch the stream and fast forward and rewind it if you go to this page in the meantime http://www.justin.tv/consolewarzone/archive

Click on March 7th and there you go.

Deluxe please plan on still providing the vids at some point! I may never do that well in a tourney again and need the evidence for my future children. Maybe after Shoreryuken?