3.7.10 Norfolk, VA Games N Trade Results - SF4 Singles/Teams

Special Thanks go to:

  • Bevon again for providing a wonderful venue all the amenities.
  • The lovely wife for tagging everyone and taking venue fees.

Thanks to everyone that showed up! The turnout was MUCH more than expected. 53 People signed up for singles and there were 20 teams for the 2v2 tourney!

Big things are planned for the next tourney (larger venue). It will NOT be held at the game lounge. More details to come.

(Please let me know if the placings/brackets seem off. My netbook died on me and some of the data was blank in spots. I did my best to fill it in from memory.)

If anyone has any pictures, lemme know.

=Raffle Results=
3 Raffle Tickets were pulled. Participants won a copy of SUPER Street Fighter 4 when it drops.
The winners:

Joe S

Link to the Brackets

=SF4 Singles - 53 Entrants=
Prizes included cash, movie tickets, papa johns pizza and Super SF4

1: RyRy
2: Joe S
3: Foomy
4: Syberninja
5: Aleri
5: K1Sauce
7: 10x
7: DBC
9: Corey
9: Randumbcat
9: Leeboi
9: D0N
13: UEZ
13: John H
13: JayInVA
13: SeanMiyagi
17: FireFlyz
17: Gummo
17: Alexizwra
17: StrtFghtMstr
17: Talnius
17: Dsinnie
17: Winback
17: FallBakTryF1
25: DeathBlow757
25: Wiki P
25: Logan
25: Joe E
25: STDThaGreat
25: SweatyShoulderGuy
25: MrFeatureMatch
33: Mr 2 Fingerz
33: offdacharts
33: Kaynon
33: Babypuncher
33: Saihero
33: CJacuna
33: Denzel
33: BuddaBombKing
33: LV
33: 1quid5nake
33: Razerus
33: HeWentToJarrod
33: KitsuneKing
33: Kangarou
33: Shadowjinx
49: Saikyo Joe
49: HawgVillian
49: Mole Greg
49: Daniel D
49: DBone
49: AimForTheFeet
49: LJ

=SF4 2v2 Teams - 20 Teams=

Decided to change this to Single Elimination due to Time Constraints (SoVA needs our Lumpia House!)

1: Chicken Noodle Soup (Zygote and JayinVA)
2: !A (RyRy, Joe S)
3: Norfuck your couch (Babypuncher and 10Xi)
3: Plan B (LV, Wiki P)
5: Tech Talk (Gummo Joe E)
5: CamKum (Leeboi Fireflyz)
5: Computer Blue (CJAcuna, HeWentToJarrod)
5: Highlight Reel (Foomy, SyberNinja)
9: Abominable Snowman Nation (Kitsune King, K1Sauce)
9: Rumspringer (Alexi and Toast)
9: Ninja Pirates (Talnius and FallBakTryF1)
9: Brush Up (Razerus and MFM)
9: SFM > Logan (SFM and Logan)
9: BuddaBrothers (Buddabomb and STDThaGreat)
9: DJ (Darius Chris)
9: Dirty Panty Vending Machine (UEZ, SeanMiyagi)
17: Manly Cheats (Mr 2 Fingers and Hawg Villian)
17: Milfs and DICs (liquidsnake offdacharts)
17: As American As (Winback Babypuncher)
17: Joseph Kony (AFTF DBC)
17: If we Lose, you’re grounded! (Randumbcat, Shadowjinx)

Fuck yeah, Vince! Great tourney.

DJs were definitely a great addition to the tourney atmosphere.

53 entrants on a sunday and 2 drove to richmond yesterday.

“SOVA: Can I get a ride?”

what the fuck, sova??!?

Yo today was awesome! and Lumpia House is god, and Just a great Tourny. And really Lil Fuerte? really?

Great job hosting Vince, Mad respect compared to usual we were out at a good time, DJ was good, good competition, food…great night. 10 x good shyt i gotta earn that 10 back sometime man lol…ERIC…all I can say is awesome job in those last 2 matches of the team tourney damn sure couldnt have done it without you man gs


1st place: The Hurt Locker
2nd place and below: don’t matter

Now Shutter Island is gonna come in here and be all like “damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.”

Vince, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

Eric/Fuerte: I DON’T KNOW.

Some notes:

  • We only had one 360 setup, which kind of lagged things.
  • People left when they were still technically in the tournament.
  • CHAIRSSSSSSSSSSS which is partially my fault cause I forgot to bring the chairs I brought last time.
  • Maybe next time have a SF4 casual setup for people.

Great tournament again. Next one should be even better with a larger room. Wish I saw that last team match, but the lumpia house was just too tempting to chance missing out on it. Makes me think about taking a week off modding and doing some serious training. Well not really XD.

vince, gs! the tourney was fun and good job on advertising this tourney. alot new people came out.

and gs having the raffle!!! :encore:

53 with nobody out of town coming… real talk… next one right after super came out in a new improved venue… top fucking tier…

robin i will fill my car with sova for the next one i promise, just couldn’t saturday…

GS all.

DBC- NEXT TIME MAN! hahahaha good shit, raped the hell out of me.
Ry- Bring tissues next time, just in case you make another person cry.

I was really surprised the tourney ran that fast, good stuff Vince. The larger venue will be a great help but my biggest gripe was the brackets. Going against Joe S. first round wasn’t really something to be excited about, especially when there were 50 other people in the tournament. Same goes for Wiki P and Corey first round.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the tourney! There were a couple oversights due to some assumptions i made though. It won’t happen again.

Things like:

  • Not enough setups. We had ELEVEN last time with 27 for singles. This time we had 5 for 53 people. Twice as many people with half as many setups but we did what we could.
  • The chairs. My fault for not asking ahead of time Nelson.

Also, I was REALLY late showing up due to some babysitter issues at the last minute of course. Because of this, I didn’t get a good chance to look over the brackets. There were 3 or 4 other matches that shouldn’t have happened as well.

Nice to see some old faces again. Very nicely run tourney.

Aleri - I timed you out :woot:, but then you just rushed me down hard lol.

Yo Vince good shit man…me and Joe S. got somethin cookin up for the next tourney, just give us a little bit of time to get it together haha. I’ll PM you about it tho. Add me on XBL as well.

great tournament ran smooth more shout outs in detail later

all i have to say is fear seth…its only a matter of time! unless i find someone i like more in ssf4

go go gnt tournaments+raffle!

Kaynons first tournament he got to face ryry in round 1 lol

good shit Vince and good shit sova, really well ran tournament. looking forward to the next one.

Good shit Vince on another tournament well done. You and Bevon are gracious hosts. Good shit to Joe and Ryan. Not enough exp with the Sagat v Gief to overcome that nonsense of a match-up. We’ll see how I do with my next chara :}

Had a great time.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.