3.7.10 Norfolk, VA Games N Trade Results - SF4 Singles/Teams


shit, i thought you had won…


I had fun Randumbcat

For my first tourney you should have been easy on me man lol


Congrats on your first tourney! and i WAS taking it easy on you - I picked GOUKEN. lol


Yea Vince good work. Keep it up. I totally gotta find my game haha. Good shit to placers.


thanks vince for running another great tourney and bevon for the venue and food for everybody. good shit to placers and nice seeing all the new faces. cant wait to see what turnout we get once super is out.




That was awesome Vince, had loads of fun. It was hilarious announcing ShadowJinx’s grounding over the mic. I think after that tourney I have legs of steel from all that standing, lol.

Found some more things I need to work on, and as usual thanks all for the matches in casuals, especially you SyberNinja. Figuring out your Seth was hard, but I did it! …Right as Vince told everyone to get off the sets, oh the irony! I will bring a stronger Akuma next tourney, SSF4 Akuma might I add! :sweat:


Yea. I put a disclaimer in there saying i had to fill in the blanks from what i remember cause my netbook died on me. i put his name in by mistake i see…can you forgive me by buying me lumpia?


i should’ve been there for you ryry. winning everything.


i knew you were so relieved when moose took me out saturday =). by the way hows your friend’s car that shit got FUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD UPPP


I can’t accept this accidental credit.


Cool thanks.

Also, tourney pics are on the gamesntrade website


I wasn’t relieved when that happened. I was just affraid of eric’s sagat. I could deal with everyone else. but Dave has full insurance and i think he got it fixed today.


why are u afraid of the ghosts sagat?


lol. I’m not why. maybe you can tell me.


Most exciting match for me was against leeboi and his frickin cammy…

Dsinnie, ill try to get more blanka players lined up for you next tourney.

Im still sour that i showed up late. a few of the problems could have been avoided.


Joe the 7 Eleven on Great Neck road is selling all games for 10 dollars…SFIV Included, and the block buster right beside that has a few for like 12.99 if you cant find yours


GJ Ryry and Trent!