3/7 Denjin Arcade Team Tourny Results

sf4 2v2 (single elim, 3/5 rounds) 8 teams total
1.BustaBust (abel), Mason (ryu)
2. Ironfist (sagat), Ray Ramos (gief)
3.(tied) Dae (Chun), Yi (ryu)
3.(tied) Jeesup (abel), Tingboy (ryu)

3rd strike 3v3 (single elim 3/5 rounds)

  1. Vinny/Ty/Zantua
  2. Lenin/Jeesup/Tom C.
    3.(tied) Dae/Yi/Let Blood Run
    3.(tied) Ray Ramos/Ironfist/Pherai

gg’s to everyone and thanks for coming out!

GGs to everyone!

Good shit to Busta! Yi did better than me in sf4 :V

and a big “BOOO” to Shogo

GGs. I still need some work =\

I’m the shit

shogo likes men!!! >.>