3/8/08 FFA 3s Scrub Tournament III & 2on2

On Saturday, March 8th, FFA will hold the 3rd 3s Scrub Tournament

Based on the last Ranbat seeds, these are the players that is not allowed in the scrub tournament:

  1. Pyrolee
  2. VictoLy
  3. Sextaro
  4. 5 Star
  5. Amir
  6. JR Rodriguez
  7. Ed Ma
  8. Gootecks

Pampi Tourney Info:
Sign ups start at 12pm
Tournament starts at 1pm
$5 Entry Fee
2/3 and 3/5 winners, losers and grand finals
Pot split 70/20/10

2on2 info:
$10 each team
No 2 same characters
Pot split 70/20/10
one game until top 4 - then 2/3, double elim

Please be on time!



hey you should move this to the regional matchmaking forums :wgrin:

Or keep it in the tournament section. :shy:

Anyone looking for a teammate? Come on…the power of Christ compels you!

what time does the 2v2 tourney start?

wow very nice person who named this a " scrub tournament "

btw u forgot one … the infamous " Mr . Dream "

Vinny–Holla at cha boy!

Yi: How can you not say Kai and his AMAZING EX FIREBALL setup is a Top Player?

Too Pro

First Team Cofirmed!


Anyone need a teammate?
I play Chun.

Cuz he always followup with a jump in face kick move. The ex fireball is like dudley’s rose, too good. :looney:

I will now make it a point to stomp on your dreams.

I’m wondering if I should allow players to enter by themselves with 2 characters…??

Oh and… can I please enter the scrub tourney? Please SHOGO!!

2on2 starts after the SCRUB TOURNEY

and Ken… notice I didn’t make this post so why are you asking me about kai? I would’nt have included myself if I made it.

Will probably take a lot longer that way.

PS. Also just wear one of these to the scrub tourney. No one will ever know.

Shogo, let him join…yi is such as scrub, xiang wu ning :rolleyes: he can join as makoto so i can own him. :woot:

Can someone tell this xiang wu ning to stop bothering me? Just let him join.

[13:28] odangitsyiwang: dude
[13:28] odangitsyiwang: please let me ENTER!!
[13:28] syan8182: i already begged from you on SRK
[13:28] syan8182: i can’t decide
[13:29] syan8182: i’ll begg for you again
[13:30] odangitsyiwang: ok do it

I second Steve’s petition for Yi’s makoto so Yi will stop waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me about it. Please give me one night of sleep.


Team: The Usual Rascals