3/8/08 FFA 3s Scrub Tournament III & 2on2

lol… god hold hands more

Point Totals:
1st: Pyrolee - 50 points
2nd: gootecks - 17 points
3rd: J.R. Rodriguez - 13 points
4th: Reset - 10 points
5th: Kai - 8 points
6th: Arlieth - 7 points
6th: 5-Star - 7 points
8th: Ed Ma - 5 points
8th: Amir - 5 points
10th: ReNiC - 3 points
10th: Sextaro - 3 points

I’d like to dedicate my placing to EX Fireball.

team S@NR1O:

Team confirmed:

Pherai the Raging Messiah

jkdChaos the Eccentric

I literally lol’d

im not on the list, can i enter?

  1. VictoLy

Team Technodrome:

(Rocksteady) Sanchez

Horrible Dudley

Team Y.I. Rodriguez:

and duh

If I was you I’d dedicate it to chun.

EDIT: If by some miracle they let me get off work. I’ll team with who ever can.

I’ll team with you if you don’t play Necro.

if Yi gets to enter with makoto, I should get to enter w/yang and pyro should get to enter w/chun li



This is going to turn into Ray Ramos singles.

God of Scums

Well, Yi started it by asking to be put in.
My prediction? KAI wins the whole fucking thing…HANDS DOWN…
and final round of Grand Finals he wins with EX fireball…

Fucking Ken,

Just gave that shit away. I would’ve sacrificed it all to win the tournament with that.

Now everybody will be expecting it.

Pfft, they’d be expecting it anyways. :wink:

ffa 2night