3/8 Family Fun Arcade (SoCal) CvS2,3S,ST,GGXX Results


Capcom vs Snk 2 (23):

1st Gee-O
2nd Jason Cole
3rd Ed Ma
4th Hung Han
5th Nick Mora
6th Lawrence Perales
7th Cesar Vargas, SiN
9th Jonathan Bigalball, Muzikal, Shogo, Henry Kim
13th Kennywood, Dash, Rick, Fortino
17th Reza, Joseph Rubio, Darryl, greenjoker23, Agustin, JC Melgar

Streetfighter III 3rd Strike (28):

1st Pyrolee
2nd Gee-O (Forfeited)
3rd Arlieth
4th Dr Sub Zero
5th Jose, Sean
7th Jason Gong, Hung Han
9th Mark H, Yi Wang, Paul Lee, Andrew Smalls
13th Jeremy B, Shogo, Jonathon Bigalball, Jeff
17th Abel, Anthony, Henry Kim, Joe, Mikei, Tony Parker, greenjoker23, Ray B
25th Sin, Reza, Roman, Ed Ma

Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo (12):

1st Jason Cole
2nd Shogo
3rd SiN
4th Sean
5th Hung Han
6th Reza
7th Arlieth, Jonathon Bigalball
9th Joseph Rubio, Agustin Rey, Darryl Austin, Nick Mora

Guilty Gear XX (32!!!):

1st ID
2nd Chaotic Blue
3rd Jose Lico
4th Jonathon Bigalball
5th Yu Namba, Thomas Ji
7th John O’Brien, Sydney
9th Def, Jason Gong, Jose ver 2.0, Gee-O
13th Phil S, Lawrence Perales, Hung Han, Jeff Lee
17th Asian Alex, Dash, Kevin Smith, sambao, Joseph Rubio, Earl Gertwager, SiN, Aaron Foster
25th Cici Chao, John Kim, Victor Joo, Reza, Justus, Jonathon Kim, Arlieth, Preda Jittanoon

Awesome tourney…I couldnt believe how many people showed up for GGXX !!! :eek: …Well I wish ID, Chaotic Blue, Pyro Lee and everyone going to SBO the best of luck in Japan…Thanks to everyone out there that has been comming & supporting our tourneys :slight_smile:


A big congrats to Jose. That Slayer just couldn’t be messed with. You bite me to death like twice. OMG I was like I’m just going to rush this foo down and got bit some more! Bleh, good stuff!

Chaotic Blue


damn that shit was fun. we need big turnouts like that all the time man.

jose: damn invincible airthrow is to good. your slayer has gotten even better.


SelfScience is no longer my hero :frowning: , what happend to 3rd?:frowning:
oh well good to see a Anji up there in the top 4 spots, good shit to everyone, hopefully next time we can get more than 34? 36? players.


This tourny was the best, and now i see that i can’t go into one like that and fuck around every match. And huge props to Sydney, that was a badass Potemkin, you play jus like Jose.


We had like 36 this time…
just had to turn people away.

Props to Family for holdin the tourney and helpin us out.
Jose is too cheap with Slayer…Someone should put up the losers final of him vs C.blue.
Anyways, good shit from everyone, I hope we keep getting more and more people for these tourneys.


all i have to say is…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


hahaha, thanx guys. but u know i wouldnt have gotten any good at all if u all werent there to constantly increase the level of competition. Good luck to Saif and Rommel in SBO. U guy’s will do good. And yeah, i wanna see my matches with rommel so thatd be cool once sum1 puts them up. yeah that blue cancel owns u romel :lol:

omg jonathan, i didnt know u were serious about the Jose 2.0 thing…im scared…


that shit was awesome. i know i placed 17th, but i lost to a guy who knew how to parry the shit out of dudley’s rushdown patterns, so i’m not ashamed…much, 'cause this was the first tourney i’ve been in. I’m glad i could associate more faces with names. Now I know better than to believe that pyrolee is asian (i am teh stoopid). good times, good people.


would u happen to be talking about a person who used makoto ?


who beat Sin?

I left early because I felt like shit the whole day. thanks for the tourney though. when’s the next one?


yes’um. that was the guy.

kenny: i beat sin in the loser’s bracket.


that was me! hahaha wuts up dude :smiley:


Abel: I saw that match gj

I meant who beat Sin in CvS2 =P


A huge thanks goes out to everyone who entered the tournament which will definitely help me out a lot in japan, you guys own!! (especially shogo and henry) There were some awesome matches this time around and a lot of good competition as always.


I guess Watts didn’t show up afterall, huh?


Good shit ID and chaotic blue!


I dont know Gee-O but madd props to him for taking CvS2…and nice work J-Cole…lol betta take that 1st next crime…and no doubt the World Champ would hold down the Super Turbo!!!Wow 32 for GGXx thats nutty!!! Keep it up So Cal!!!



Hahaha…is that G in your av strikin the gay ass pose?


It was my first L.A. tourn. since moving here recently.

A good chat w/ Jason Cole.
I liked the head-to-head machine for 3S. Less distraction by your opponent- but less of a crowd.
A couple of other Necro users.

GGXX was fun to watch.

Good bakery & comic shop nearby added to the value of the long bus ride from Los Feliz!