3 Bars

I cant for the life of me get a 3 bar connection in ssf4, not even with my freaking neighbor. Is there anything I can do to get a better connection, like open ports or something and BTW my internet isnt crappy.

What kind of internet connection you have? Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Fi-OS, Public Wi-fi?
What system you are playing SSF4 on?

I have Cable and its wired, also its ps3

If your neighbor with the same provider as you?

No he doesnt have the same provider. Its so frustrating I can’t get a green comnection with anybody. The last time i played with a green connection was in Vanilla, always had one there.

Do a speedtest and post a screenshot of the results here. You might need to contact your ISP. Anything can be the problem honestly. Check all the wires including the coaxial cable line to make sure all the ends are crimped well.

your avatar and sig made this all the more funny for me