3 Brand new KOFXIII characters revealed?


this is very mysterious. they seem like they are associated with Elisabeth,

and might be the 3 that are missing from the character rankings list (or rather, then KOFXII was originally planned to continue the story before they ran out of time and money and needed to start making money now.)

but if they are not added as DLC, they are definitely newcomers that will appear in the 13th KOF.


That looks old because of Leona and Elizabeth’s outfits. Alsoit has Ash Crimson’s old fighting stance is that pic. It still looks intresting though.


Yeah…what magazine is that from? Ryo’s also got his previous stance, and Clark/Ralf haven’t started hitting those 'roids hard yet. No Mature anywhere either.

But yeah that dude in the blue looks like he came straight from a Phoenix Wright game :lol:


Its bizarre how they combined the two outfits of prototype/draft characters to come up with Betty’s new outfit. Took most of the outfit from one and the giant sleeves/cuffs/color scheme from the other.

Interesting pics, even if nothing comes from them.


Damn I really wish they looked like that in the final version, they have better action stances and looked just like their old versions but in High Def, not that freakish version like Ralf and Clark!

If they went that route, we probably could of had more characters.


Also notice that Mature is nowhere to be found… everything about her in KOF XII looks like a rush job just to get one more console character in time for release.

Where are those images from anyway?


They don’t look any less detailed/easier to draw, so I doubt we’d of had more if they went that route.

Roided Clark and Ralf are kinda growing on me. I still miss them having alot of their old moves, but I like the look more and more. Especially Clark.

I do wish they’d kept Leona and Betty’s classic outfits, though.


from what i herd Ralf and Clark were originally base on Rambo. these new models seem to be base on the new generation of meat head soldiers namely Epic’s space marines. now speaking of Ralf and Clark i wouldn’t mind seeing a reival of this game.



I knew Affinity would do this.

Now everyone is going to look in this thread expecting to see some familiar face and be letdown.


Why doesn’t anybody like Affinity??? LOL!!!


Hey Affinity, you forgot to mention how Kyo, Athena, and Iori were meant to have alternate costumes and if they don’t appear as DLC they will be in XIII.


This question plox.


I think it’s from the main JPN site


That page doesn’t even have Kensou haha. I like how Ralf looks as is now, but I really like that old design too.


it’s cause he is a 12 year old troll.


I feel a little Yamazaki inside Iori.


I totally agree with this. I always thought if they had KOFXI was online with better graphics and sweet online play, that the new KOF game would be a “big hit”. EVO type hit even.

Oh well it is what it is. One can only dream.


jpn mook


more info here Golgaut post


but…the three new characters are from the gameboy advance series?! at leas the 2 females ones… or am i wrong?


Proto-Ryo looks fierce.