3 button input problems on VSHG

VSHG is freakin perfect for VF5. Problem I am having though is on older capcom games and I would assume SF4. Three button inputs such as zangief’s spinning lariet, dhalsim/m. bison’s teleport, and T Hawk’s hawk dive are extremely difficult to execute reliably. I have two VSHGs and they both have this problem.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO FIX THIS? Not having full access to each character’s move list is pretty awful to say the least.

well in HD remix and the upcoming SF IV you dont need the 3 buttons to be pressed, just 2 buttons but yeah its a pain in the @ss, the only thing is to replace the PCB, Toodles Chtulhu Board or ShinJN wireless adapter for the sixaxis PCB.

You’re right about HDR, but don’t you still need 3 buttons for ultras in SFIV?

Yes in SF4 you still need to press 3 buttons for special moves (lariat) and supers

Have you had problems on other sticks? Trying plugging it into your computer and go to control panel>game controllers and click properties for your stick and test the inputs. Is the controller responsive to 3P/3K at the same time (I’d hope so). I’ve never heard of this problem but if one of the buttons isn’t lagging from the fault of the PCB then it could just be the way you’re pushing the buttons. Some games require pretty exact timing for 3P/3K (only a few frames). Luckily, SF4, from what I’ve heard, is NOT one of these games.

Googling VSHG and 3 button input shows that this is a huge problem with the VSHG on some games.

ah yeah my bad, havent played SFIV :sad:, yeah the problems is the PCB itself nothing wrong with the game or the console, just play right with VF5 but not with other games.

It’s not a problem on all VFHGs though. Is there a letter stamped into the bottom of your stick?

Your just better off replacing the pcb. The pcb from toodles is very inexpensive and works flawlessly out of the box. Even if you never had any previous modding experience it’s a cinch to replace because of the screw-in terminals it has.

VSHG FTMW!!! I own two and it’s one of the greatest stock sticks ever aside from the pcb issue. The one I use has the pcb replaced with an X360 with a headset extension I love it :lovin:

I have the M engraved on the back, so doesn’t that mean that I have the pcb that cannot handle the 3 button inputs?

how hard was the pcb switch? soldering involved? Still works good?

from what i have read. if you have j, m, or s engraved on your joystick, as well as a new sticker on the box. it should have a resolved pcb.

I’ve read that somewhere too. However, I own an “M” VSHG and three
button presses are an issue for me. I am going to throw a sixaxis in
mine courtesy of shinjn new adapter board.

do it. wireless vshg ftw

VSHG requires you to push the buttons in the same frame on some games to recognize 2P or 3P
(2 frames or more and it will recognize it as separate inputs)

Founds this in the SFIV section

nah, disregard that post. after more extensive gameplay and testing in training mode, i can confirm 3-button input failures. according to key display though, it seems to corroborate with what youthasia posted. i also readthat this input problem might be due to button sensitivity. according to key display, sometimes my 3 button inputs would register one or two buttons before the entire 3-button input, thus resulting in failed output.

another test i performed was turning on ultra and super meter and attempting to do ultras. most of the time with both bars, an ultra attempt turned out to be a super. however, without the super bar, ultra attempts always turned out as ultras. this seems to be further evidence of the uber button sensitivity of the stock parts.

i might try to swap out the buttons before messing with the PCB and see how it goes. sorry if i misled anyone with that post from earlier.

Or you can do what I did a throw a sixaxis in there. Iv’e got a wireless
VSHG and I have no problems with button inputs.:lovin:

^ link a tutorial